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  • tjwTimothy

    Dear fellow members,

    After hard labouring and a huge pile of creative and artistic (philosophical) deccisions, I finaly finished a 13 min short movie.

    At the filmschool (wich I'm attending) the jurry was impressed by story (and movie in general).

    This short movie tells the story of Thomas, who has to chose between being loyal to the congregation, or his elder (shunned) brother.

    It mainly foccuses on this feeling we might all had, that the discreet slafe, stands between god and man, and is messing up familly relations.

    (math 10:37).

    This short movie will be send to the film festivals, and hoppefully create some discusions about the subject.

    Because this forum helped me after my withdrawel, I thought it might be nice to tell you guys that I finished a story that i wanted to tell for long :).

    To get a (not so perfect) impression of the movie I will upload my Edditing booklet with pictures of the movie.

    When the festivals are over I will upload the movie for a select public ;)



    P.s. The movie is in dutch (english subs)

  • Wilfried

    Thanks for your work .... Impatient o watch it

  • talesin

    Congratulations! I love student films, and have acted in a couple of them (we have NSCAD here in Halifax, NS). I hope you get into some of the festivals. We have one here in September, which is beginning to get some recognition. Of course, you are submitting to TFF, but consider the Atlantic Film Festival as well. Here's a link.

    I will be anticipating more news of your film.


  • mindseye

    The stills from the book look very impressive and artistically well-done! I would be very interested to see this, keep us posted!

  • clarity

    Timothy ... your movie sounds interesting, love to see it!


    Wow ... so many new people coming on jwn again ... a HUGE welcome to all

    Counted about a dozen just this last week!!! Hope we hear all the stories.

    maybe I'd better update that Newbies thread again!


  • smiddy

    I look forward to see your short movie also Timothy , and welcome to the board


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Looking forward to your movie

  • tjwTimothy

    Thank you guys,

    For the finishing touch of the movie I'm looking for either a Dutch speaking guy with great skills in english.

    Or the help of you guys in finding the right words for the translation of my movie in english. (for the subs)

    The language is plain vlamish/dutch, combined with the special JW words.

    Ex. "Jehovah, our gentle heavenly father, we are delighted with the hope you provide. We are glad with the path that you've shown, so that we wont be decieved in
    satans wicked world. "

    This is incorrect I guess, because its a litteraly translation from dutch. It should sound more Jw like, with the everyday words used within the organisation.

    If you guys can help me out I will be verry thankfull. There's a deadline for thursday midnight, and friday I'll have to put the subs under the movie.

    I can post a rappid translation of the text on this post, if you guys can help me with finding the right translation i would be enourmesly thankfull :P.



  • tjwTimothy

    Oke so this is a rough/fast translation. If you can help find the right words and structure, I'll be vere glad.

    Dont feel afraid to completely alter senteces, as long as they tell the same (but better).

    Thank you all!



    {congregation is singing}


    We will sing, in your name, about your strenght and rullership, yes our father,
    your name will be restored.From house to house, is being preached,
    the word of god, that gives us guidance.
    Praise his name, yes show remorse, stay eternaly faithfull to god.

    {2 boys hanging on a bridge}

    Thomas: Common, jump.
    Jonathan: You go first, your the eldest.

    Thomas: Are you scared or something? Common prove me you'r not.

    {Under the bridge, playing batism}

    Thomas: And then there'll come a brother, who will grab your arms.
    "In the name of the father, the son, and the holly ghost".

    {at dinner table, familly together, praying}


    Jehovah, our gentle heavenly father, we are delighted with the hope you provide.
    We are glad with the path that you've shown,
    so that we wont be decieved in satans wicked world,
    and be safed for the comming judgement.

    Please help thomas, he dedicated his life to you, support him with his dedication.

    We are sincir delighted about Jonathan's decission to gett baptized.
    He's (putting his life in your hands).
    We know he will have to endure trouble, will you take good care of him.

    This pray we send up in the naam of your son, Jezus christ, Amen

    {The mother is fixing the old suit of the shunned brother for Thomas}

    Well, Lucas was ofcourse a bit bigger (more like fat, or strongly build) than you, you know.
    Yes, this will do, wait, that's better, right?

    (Needs to be more motherlike)


    {THomas vissits his shunned brother in brussels}

    Phone: Lucas
    THOMAS: Goodday to you sir, we would shortly like to talk about the hopefull promises
    that the bible contains... Lucas hangs up the phone.


    {Lucas is looking at a earing}

    THOMAS: What are you doing?
    LUCAS: doesnt it look good?
    THOMAS: Common sit down.

    {Thomas is preparing to set the earing}

    THOMAS: Jonathan is getting baptized.
    You'll come?
    You know, you can look from a distance.
    LUCAS: Does our father know's you are here?
    THOMAS: Dad told me that you are not doing so wel.
    LUCAS: Common, put in that earing.

    {earing fixed}


    {In the car, in front of the parrents house}
    LUCAS: It was fun that you dropped by thomas,
    I can apreciate that.
    But I wont go to Jonathan's baptism.
    You dont have to think, thomas, that you can solve thi...

    {Parrents discovers Thomas and his shunned brother}


    {parrents try to convince thomas to see the elders}

    FATHER: Thomas, you have to understand god's guidance.
    MOTHER: We have to leave Lucas behind, we might lose our hope ourself.
    FATHER: Thomas, you have to talk about this with the elders.
    MOTHER: Thomas please.

    {Thomas is praying on his bed}
    THOMAS: Jehovah father, help me please, help me pleas, help me...

    {Judicial comittie}

    ELDER1: Thomas?

    Can you tell us why you ar here?
    Not only are you making less hours in the field service (<--- help)
    You are withdrawwing yourself.
    You are following the same path, as your brother.
    You do understand that you cant mix in company with him.

    ELDER 2: To understand that, you'll have to know that Jehovah strictly does not want you to be with him.

    ELDER 3: Lookup 1 kor 5:31 {finding text}: But now I am writing YOU to quit mixing
    in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person
    or an idolater or a reviler or a drunkard or an extortioner,
    not even eating with such a man.

    ELDER1: What does this text tells you?

    THOMAS: But no, Lucas is not like that.

    ELDER 3: THomas, not only this text is talking about Lucas, but also Math 10:37~.
    Would you read it for us?

    He that has greater affection for father or mother than for me is not worthy of me;
    and he that has greater affection for son or daughter than for me is not worthy of me.
    And whoever does not accept his torture stake and follow after me is not worthy of me.

    ELDER 3: Are you worthy of Jesus? Do you have greater affection for Jehovah then for relatives?
    ELDER1: Thomas?

    {Thomas mumbles}

    ELDER 2: But, you dedicated yourself to god, you've put you life in his hands.
    ELDER1: Why else did you get baptized?

    THOMAS: But I was 14.

    ELDER 2: That's just 2 years ago, Did there chanched so much?

    ELDER1: If you dont put Jehovah on the first place inyour life, we'll have to follow gods guidance,
    If you dont show remorse, Thomas, We'll have to remove you from our congregation.
    Thas not what you want right?

    THOMAS: No, offcourse not.

    ELDER 2: Think of the things you put on the line for this.
    Is lucas so important to you, that you rather lose everything within this loving congregation?
    Your relationship/bond with god, your parrents, your hope on eternal life?
    And Thomas, Think about Jonathan for a minute. You cant attend his baptism if you are excumnicated.

    ELDER1: Thomas, we ask this with the best intentions.

    ELDER 3: Do you sincirly regret your behaviour, and can you promise not to do it again?

    THOMAS: I want to. But No. I dont feel remorse.

    ELDER1: Then there's nothing left to do then to remove you from the truthfull congregation of god.

    ELDER 2: If you do see your mistake Thomas, we hope you find your way back to the congregation.


    {Thomas' elder brother is not at home anymore}


    {Baptism of his younger brother}
    MOTHER: Jonathan? Jonathan? come.
    ELDER 3: Come your familly is waiting.
    MOTHER: Jonathan?

    ELDER 1: In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost.

  • Fernando

    Welcome tjwTimothy!

    Thank you for sharing your movie and story here with us English folk - much appreciated. Thank you too for sharing a glimpse of the inner workings of the Pharisaic secret star chamber judging committees with the world.

    May it and you go from strength to strength.

    Please keep us updated if and when you can.



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