shucks, where's Blondie this week?

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  • stillin

    I don't see her review of today's study article. The "experience" of the person who was shunned by his family until he got himself reinstated really bothered me. No mention of repentance, no mention of his wanting to restore worship of Jehovah back into his life. Just how much he missed the wonderful association of his family. Kind of sad isn't it?

  • Captain Obvious
    Captain Obvious

    I was hoping to read her comments on the WT study before I went to the meeting. It wasn't just that one paragraph though..... There were many points in that study that were ridiculous. Some of the comments.... Wow. Faithful slave this, God's organization that... A real eye roller.

    And to think, we used to sit there every Sunday and hear the exact same thing... Nod our heads in agreement, and maybe even throw up a comment or two just to show how "spiritually strong" we were. Barf.

    After a full wake up, studies like today's are hard to stomach. I hope nobody notices the faces I was making! I couldn't help it.

    Of course we can't expect Blondie to just be a WT comment machine.... Maybe she is just busy? I'm really interested to find out her thoughts on today's WT. I think there were a couple of threads a while ago about this WT, no? I'll do a search.

  • lostinthought

    The last subheadding was called being loyal to Jehovah (or something like that) and it was all about how to shun disfellowsiped family/friends... nothing about how to stay loyal to god.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Wife got a call from her mother who listen in. Mother said she felt one brother over stepped the societies word caus on one paragraph he commented how any who dont go to the hal have disassociated themselves and should be treated as a disfelloshipped person.

    I d/l the PDF for her but I cant bring myself to read that drivel any more. I just scan Blondies for her comments only!

  • blondie

    Sorry guys, it's been hard. 15 people retired at work, hired 4 new ones, and 3 did not pass probation so I have been working more hours. The weather has been great and we picked strawberries and went to see Prometheus. Our garden and flowers are taking off too. I underlined the paragraph I thought most enlightening in this article.

    Questioning the WTS = questioning Jesus.


  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    I posted this on blondie's thread too:

    I talked to my Mom about the disfellowshipping point afterwards. I told her that something like this would always leave me in doubt, that the family is the ONLY reason the person in question came back (which we know it is and unbeknownst to her, I'm not DF, but my family is the ONLY reason I'm still in and faking activity, so I get it).

    She said, "Well I don't know, everyone has different circumstances, but I knda thought the same thing at first, but then I thought they must've had that in there for a reason."

    I thought to myself REALLY?!?! You see the problem and gloss over it; if something is wrong, truly W-R-O-N-G, then gloss should never be applied no matter how you spin it. Holy shit!

    I took a cleansing breath and replied, "They had better be careful with this shunning thing though,because there is such a thing as normal family business that HAS to be attended to and it really isn't fair to the one being shunned to force them back in just to be able to speak with his own flesh and blood, that’s just cruel. Besides shunning may have an opposite effect and force the person away like, "if this is how they are I don't want any part of it" so even if they still believe they won't come back."

    She then said, "I don't know if I'd go as far as calling it shunning, but you're right to some extent, just try to think about it this way, they put this in the article for a reason and we need to focus on that, maybe there is a problem with one's not cutting off ties with DF family members."

    Again I held my real thoughts back, which were, so I shouldn’t focus on the fact that some poor soul was blackmailed and forced back into this religion just to be able to speak with his family, and if this isn't what you would call shunning, then what would you call it? Are you joking? What the hell is wrong with you?

    Instead I just said, "ok" and left it at that because we all know she's right about one thing, they are having trouble with association with the faded, DA and DF because people know it's wrong and completely nuts.

    I'm astounded that, after all these years, this cult still has my Mom swindled; I mean they really have her by the spiritual balls.

  • blindnomore

    Stillin, talking about utter nonsense! Let me tell you real story what happened to that DF'ed person.

    He got reinstated after enduring 10 years oh inhumane shunning treatment by his own family. He got df'ed again within 2 years for smoking. He got reinsted a year and half later but only to find himself facing the Judicial Committee once again less than 2 months.

    After the 3rd Judicial Hearing, he ended his life the same night he got punished for the 3rd time. He couldn't do it again!

    This is the real ending the monsterous Watchtower left out. IT IS A TRUE STORY!

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