A forum post earlier in my exjw recovery...

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  • TimeBandit

    A forum post from earlier in my exjw recovery. Just looking back this morning :

    "I've always been hurt and cut personally when seeing injustice occur. I've also been quick to root for the underdog. It is devastating for me to see people who are truly good , with kind hearts and deeds, get trampled by those in power.

    I have just completed reading Brother Ray Franz's book, Crisis of Conscience. It made me so mad to see such a true Christian be waylaid the way he was. Him and his faithful and loyal brothers that were demonized as apostates. Just thrown out on their asses after a lifetime of loyal service.

    I am in shock to know what I know now about the organization. I know now without doubt that the organization could not possibly be God's channel for bible truth and salvation.

    I mourn for Brother Franz. I am deeply saddened that he devoted his whole adult life to what he thought was service to God, only to be knocked down and kicked with the size 12's of the GB. I have been crying because it's hard to fathom someone as kindly and selfless as Ray Franz being treated in such a cruel and heartless manor.

    My thoughts are with him, and his loving widow, Cynthia. I wish I could send her my condolences, some flowers, and maybe even a contribution.

    Ray, wherever you are, I send you my love and thanks for the fine example you have set for other good people to follow. Thanks for opening my eyes brother, rest in peace."


  • notjustyet

    Don't you wish that he would have privately recorded that last meeting, the one that they would not hand over their recording to him as requested.

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