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    firstly ive only seen the images and read the comments, both the funny and the silly or mocking laughter and others. personally i believe many overlook the obvious of the colours, names in religion. these are very important to all religions. xians love to hate 666 and all that.

    starting at the beginning i searched for sparlock on wiki and found a ref to an article to some old presby church in baltmiore. in the 1870s it had a mimister w/ a middle name of -- sparlock. i dont know of all ctr travels and influences, but i cant help notice the time and location. baltimore is not far from ctr home town. i would dare say and wonder did he meet or admire minister sparlock ?

    i wonder what this minister taught, did he also preach some of the scientific thoughts later credited and now forgotten by modern witnesses ?

    i have also notived the kid is called caleb, a name w/ a rather unfortunate meaning... caleb means dog in hebrews. dog is a euphamism for male prostitute in that part of the world. im not sure if this is intentional or what. surely calling a kid caleb is wrong, like naming someone bitch simply for the same reasons.

    the next point of interest is the wizard costume. who exactly is sparlock meant to represent, is he a bible character or some other martyr or similar ? is he a composite , like harry potter ? i notived his main colour is of course purple. purple in bible days was only worn by the very upper elites like caesar. purple dye was very expensive. hence its limited accessibility, even if it made the cloth stink. is sparlock thus a royal or king ? hes not wearing the clothing of a poor nobody jew.

    the hat is also interesting, in that it has several stars in yellow upon it. yellow is of course the color of the sun. wizards in the old days like all scientists or knowledgable people back then believed in astrology. kepler, da vinci, they all studied astrology, understood the science along w/ other interesting investigations that they are better known for. the only reason copernicus, kepler looked at the sky was to better predict the mocements w/ a hope of being able too look forward and calculate the planets and stars. with this info they could say where these heavenly bodies would be for s given date at see the future. this all of course means one believes in that nonsense thst the paths, positions and angles affect our lives or even the king in the case of the aforementioned scientists.

    therefoe its safe to say sparlock is also an astrologer. the bible itself is filled w/ astrology. the wts itself has many connections that are there because of astrology. the giza angles, the home of god in the pleiades etc.

    the big yellow star on the hat is of course the great big yellow star we call the sun. jesus is of course the sun in human form .. his salvation, is the salvation of the northern hemidphere from the cold of winter at the time of spring. this is why passover, the resuurection happen on the spring equinox. all the glorious lang about bing in the clouds, the light etc is just the great sun.jesus or the sun does provide for us all the time. no sun, no plants, food etc.

    im going to make a guess and say if we do see more sparlock, we will notice sone uncanny jesus themes, just like harry potter.

    comments ?

  • Soldier77

    Let's break it down easy mode:

    Sparlock warrior wizard...

    Spar (Spartan - noted for their warrior lifestyle)

    Lock (cropped from Warlock - sorcerer, wizard, etc.) actually, warlocks are male witches, but the WTS probably doesn't know that...

    Put together you get? Sparlock!

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