10 Reasons The U.S. Is No Longer The Land Of The Free

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  • Bangalore
  • apostatethunder

    Freedom is non negotiable. Keeping somebody jailed for years without a fair trial, torturing people and then accepting their confessions, spying on the private lives of unsuspecting citizens, and not allowing real freedom of speech is not what you would call a free country. Insulting somebody’s faith is not freedom of speech is just insulting, very different concepts, shouldn‘t be any confusion. If you insult somebody usually they get angry at you, you would also. It is very sad to see how easy people can be manipulated, and how unscrupulous people use this to advance whatever agenda they have for America and the rest of the world. America and what it stands for should be defended before it starts to stand up for something else. Unfortunately America is not living up to its ideals. We have the right to demand integrity of the people over us in any sort of capacity, otherwise their authority is not legitimate. America has been the leader of the world so far, but who or what is leading America? What will be America’s destiny once it loses its ideals? Human nature has not changed since the middle ages, if we allow mediocrity to rule we are all doomed. We can not blame God for it.

  • sammielee24

    What was the definition of 'land of the free'? sammies

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