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  • the examinator 2012
    the examinator 2012

    Losch visit 2009/10 he said "JW's WILL be the only remaining religion when the UN rules in the near future!"

    He said this with such Arrogance and Smug certainty! What deals would have to be done and how would this manifest itself if they were to remain as the only religion?

    However in a post a recent WT article asked "How would you react if the organisaton was exterminated/dissolved? (not exact words)

    Losch's statement appears to be in complete conflict with that Q, so do they seek to confuse the flock even more or do they just know they are so Untouchable, they just say anything these days?

    this GB needs to go the way of the dodo!

  • alanv

    Looks like Losch needed a nice holiday so he flew to Australia. One thing you can be sure of with the governing body, they will have all the bases covered. Even if what they are saying is the opposite to what they have said before. That way they can quote what they got right in the future and just forget the cock ups.

  • the examinator 2012
    the examinator 2012

    shows the rank & file don't pay much attention. they will forget the 'cock ups' and carry on applauding the new light!

  • Jeffro
    However in a post a recent WT article asked "How would you react if the organisaton was exterminated/dissolved? (not exact words)


  • Bonnie_Clyde

    The WT legal entity could be dissolved, but the religion would continue. See quote from Man's Salvation book:

    "What the coming in of Gog’s hordes upon the “soil of Israel” after the destruction of Babylon the Great will mean for Jehovah’s Christian witnesses, the developments on earth will then eloquently tell. It should not be surprising if the ninety-seven branches of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania should be shut down and even the properties thereof be expropriated by the antireligious governments. What will happen to the thousands of Kingdom Halls that Jehovah’s Christian witnesses have built around the globe in which to meet for spiritual edification, the future will disclose. State or national governments that issued charters and registrations to the various corporations that Jehovah’s witnesses use as agencies for carrying on the printing and distributing of Bibles and Bible literature could hardly be expected to recognize or authorize such corporations then. The antagonistic political governments cannot, of course, dissolve Jehovah’s Christian witnesses world wide, for these are not incorporated under the man-made laws of “Caesar” in any land."

  • Jeffro

    Thanks for the quote from Man's Salvation (published in 1975). Interesting that the number of branches is now about the same as it was 37 years ago.

    What's the recent Watchtower quote to which the first post in this thread alluded?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Even when/if the WT was shut down, all the JWs will bunker down into little underground communities sure that the leaders will make contact 'soon'.

    What they won't realize is that the soon will just like the predictions of armageddon being 'soon', a hollow lie.


  • yourmomma

    years ago, it seemed like the buildings would not make it through armegeddon, and JW's would survive, and rebuild in the new system. but now, any time the subject is brought up by zone visits, etc, it seems they think the buildings will somehow survive. they talk about patterson like they are building it for the new system, LOL

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