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    New domestic violence laws target emotional abuse

    Updated June 03, 2012 11:56:31

    New domestic violence laws will make it an offence to harm pets, cut people off from their family or withhold financial support. The changes to the Family Law Act were passed in December but come into effect this week. They expand the definition of domestic violence to more than just physical harm, such as denying a family member financial autonomy or the money required to meet reasonable living expenses.

    The changes also include emotional abuse and preventing a person from maintaining contact with family, friends or their culture. The Salvation Army's Major Andrew Craib says the changes recognise that it is not just physical acts of violence that can harm children. "They might see a perpetrator constantly putting people down.

    Often people hear that enough and they begin to believe that for themselves and that's unacceptable in our society," he said. Mr Craib also says the changes are a reflection of society's rejection of domestic violence. He hopes the changes will encourage more victims to seek help. "They're more likely to feel now that somebody has an understanding of the circumstances that they're putting up with," he said. "I would hope that that gives them a bit of confidence and reassurance that people are actually going to hear them and believe them and that some action is going to come about that's going to bring both their safety and that of their children."

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    It is about time emotional abuse gets fully recognized. The problem that I see is that they can't handle the physical abuse cases now. There just aren't enough services. Now that problem will increase ten fold as victims of emotional abuse begin to step forward. What they are going to need to get them stepping forward though is an excellent educational program to help people understand the negative imapct of emotional abuse.

    Should also be interesting to see how this plays into the emotional abuse perpetrated by cults.

  • wary

    Thanks guys.

    Got in using Chrome. As I was saying, What do you reckon implications will be re this new law.

    Includes emotional abuse and preventing a person maintaining contavt with family.!

  • zeb

    Take the Traralgon thing. All of a sudden its 'up to individuals' to get a 'working with children' clearance after some very bad publicity.

    Lets see them handle the shunning thing..

    Paul said to 'treat such ones as you would people of the world'. How do you treat people of the world? Are you rude? Do you look through them when they talk to you? How do you do your shopping then by being silent to the checkout staff.?

    What if you get into an elevator with people of other races or religions. Do you ignore them or acknowledge them.

    Old childrens worship song (but not at KH as they dont have childrens worship) "Red, or yellow black or white they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the children of the world"

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    I wonder how they will be able to implement this?

    For the most part physical abuse can be seen and identified by almost anyone but emotional abuse is not as easily detected; who will be qualified to examine the new claims?

    Under the new definition will they pick and choose who gets exposed, investigated or prosecuted?

    Will they act only on small individual cases while giving large groups and high control (religious) factions a free pass once again?

    These types of laws are a step in the right direction but they unfortunately are not fully enforceable and are littered with loopholes that an abusive person, group or entity can, with the help of a crafty attorney, slide through or go undetected.

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