You have to admit, Watchtower Productions have come a long way...

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  • exwhyzee

    But they still present their message in a very one sided, unrealistic and propaganda like manner.

  • Steve_C

    Wow, in "The Truth" from 1963~2000 and I'd never heard of this film.

  • Steve_C

    I just watched all four parts. They use the word "generation" several times. My, how that word has changed in meaning since 1966.

  • ShirleyW

    Heritage was such a big deal when it came out that it was shown on local TV stations and I can still remember seeing advertisements for it in certain store windows. I remember it also was shown at the Hall one Sunday instead of he usual lecture.

    I think the only major TV time the Borg has gotten since Heritage came out was on Dateline when they did the story about child molesters within the Org . . !!

  • lisaBObeesa

    It was this message that brought my parents into the Org.

    They were so frightend by what was happening to the young people around so frightened by the 60's...

    The JWs were just what they were looking for...the perfect, safe place to raise a daughter....They did it for me.

    I was very glad to see this. Thanks.

    In a way, it really helps me let go of some of my anger and resentment.

  • mindseye

    It's a bunch of simplistic religious moralizing (I agree with the 'worldly' girl in part 4: "Puritanical"). Still, there is a certain naturalness in the presentation that is lacking in current WT productions. Today's dramas and DVDs are so detached, with robotic characters and contrived situations, I can't imagine anyone relating to them. The production values might have improved, but in my estimation the content has actually regressed. The Sparlock incident is the perfect example.

  • wannabefree

    @ 1:48

    Many young people want the answers ... their lonliness and insecurity drive them into conformity, rather into becoming the individual they claim to be.

    ... yah, drive them right into comformity with the Watch Tower.

  • mindseye

    lisaBObeesa wrote: They were so frightend by what was happening to the young people around so frightened by the 60's...

    Yeah, the 60's freaked a lot of people out. It was so much cultural change in such a short time. I can imagine a lot of people being attracted to the JWs around that time.

    The video, whether one agrees with the message or not, was at least relevant to the time. Sure, it was appealing to peoples' fears in order to win converts, but at least it resonated. Now they have Sparlock and Mom mumbling "Satan."

  • BluesBrother

    I don't know, I think that the stark b & w images are a darn site more memorable than the syrupy slick "Sparlock" video, especially with the creepy voice-over . I have heard of this film. It was shown at our Circuit Assembly once, but for some reason I was not there. It was never repeated or released later on vhs like the others.

    Perhaps they thought it was just too scary and negative ?

    Btw. If families in the U S were breaking down at that rate in the 60' come there are any left today?

  • donuthole

    Just when I thought I knew everything about JW history! I can't believe I haven't seen (or even heard of) this until now.

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