humankind gets it wrong but God and religion are to blame

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  • Star tiger
    Star tiger

    H i,

    I'm not a big fan of religion as you can see, but if God is all powerful and loving why isn't easy to follow a creator with easily disernable information!

    I think LOTR is more belivable than than Bible, lol!

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    Star Tiger

  • WTWizard

    Mankind got it right in the beginning. Then, along come some angels and they fxxx things up. People are slaughtered for having ability to practice Satan's religion, and forced into Judaism, Christi-SCAM-ity, and Islam. Whole nations are forced into these three cancerous programs, and from there the whole human race degenerates. Knowledge is destroyed, so people don't know what the original religions were. When people start realizing that ancient people were powerful, the angels engineer corrupted versions of their religions. Wicca is nothing more than Christianized Satanism--you get spells that don't work combined with guilt trips. Neo-paganism also corrupts the rituals so they don't work properly and adds guilt. Yoga adds rules that weren't there to begin with, to corrupt the spiritual growth.

    Not to mention, Jehovah blames Satan for this. Satan originally got it right and was nearly done--but Jehovah put his foot in the door before Satan was finished (and then complains when I crinkle paper during the sermon or miss a boasting session because "That's rude"). Now, every time anyone strays into the truth, the filthy angels and Jehovah attacks and blames Satan. Inevitably, this results in the victim running right back to Jesus, The Lord, or Jehovah--away from the very Demons that were trying to help them. And even when someone sees through that, all it takes is for an angel to transmit a signal identical to the one the victim is trying to, but 180 o out of phase (or to send certain frequencies out of phase and others in phase, to distort the results), and nothing (or worse) happens. Invariably, Satan is blamed.

    It's high time that people wake up. Jesus: Fiction based on the sun and corrupted to prevent people from getting benefit. Bible=LIE-ble, stolen and corrupted so people will not explore Satan. Jehovah: Nefarious and our enemy. Angels: Our enemies. God's chosen people: Those chosen to spiritually enslave us all. Right-hand path religions: Designed for your damnation (not to mention promoting slavery and torture while denigrading women, bashing gay people, and stifling all development in science and material wealth). Satan: Your Savior who put His reputation on the line so we humans could enjoy life without being enslaved by Jehovah. Demons: Working with Satan to deliver freedom.

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