doomed to promiscuity/adultery?

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  • altmantrisha

    does anyone feel like being raised in such a strict manner, staying "a good witness" and virgin till married in late teens or early twenties, leads to promiscuity later in life?

    i know every person is different and each personality is going to do things differently. some people would never do anything crazy even if they were guaranteed to not have any bad consequences from it. but some people feel like they need to experiment and experience different things and people to figure themselves out and come to terms with who they are

    unfortunately from my experience if this didn't happen as a young person, then it happens later in life when there are spouses and kids involved...which of course complicates everything and people get hurt

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I noticed this when I was reading about Morman's who leave the fold. With the strict upbringing, when they do venture out into the owrld, they sorta go through a period in their life that usually occurs in the late teens to early twenties, even though they may be 30+ in age. I was a witnes at the time and I commneted how it follows the same result with dubs. This necessary part of growing up doesn't occur, and when it does, it's warped

  • minimus

    I think many feel as if they missed out on "fun".

  • rather be in hades
    rather be in hades

    i wouldn't say doomed, each person deals with things differently, bt if i'm honest, i think i see that in myself now and i don't like it at all

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