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    achievements Various Artists simply do not play any role. Various Artists, of course Swiss Watches not teach Shufen France decision casually, he and Shufen alike to teach her magic charm agreed. As long as Shufen practice magic charm must have some foundation, both in the pleasures of running at the same time alike Swiss Watch Famennian, so we can yin and yang, complementary to rapidly improve the skill of the two, but also the skill to make heterogeneous impurities is purified. The beginning of the magic charm must impart to Shufen Various Artists every day, it takes skill to clear the meridians for Shu-Fen. Can be Mei Swiss Watches Bvlgari Gong Xuan Yin Mei body of the people practicing magic charm must really do wonders will be able to exercise our powers to their own, even in a short span of five days after, and skill by leaps and bounds to the rapid increase. Ten days later, Shu-Fen well with Various Artists alike, the skill of the two is like a rocket ride is generally rapid increase Replica Swiss Watches Cartier . Two weeks later, Various Artists even faint signs of breakthrough in the fit of the later, let him excited. At this time, of Shufen the magic charm decision more practice to the first heavy medium-term, rapid progress is simply unheard of. Moreover, she had the practice of Swiss Watches Cartier ice magic has made great strides to upgrade directly from the fourth grade to fifth grade to become a mage. Can be considered a magic master. That evening, the two passion after began to whisper together. "Dick! Beautiful! Did not think so comfortable practicing magic charm decision." Shufen the discourse comes with the force of the wave trapped Swiss Watches Ferrari inside. Her tender and charming face after practice magic charm decision is touching, even Various Artists every time he saw could not help but palpitations. Various Artists could not help * her body, said: "Fen sister, you're beautiful!" Lifeless! "Shufen mouth Johnson curse in his heart the sweet already has. "Dick, your future plans?" Shufen asked. The every woman Du hope that that the of their own men there are a career, Shufen also can not exception. Various Artists smiles: "pull! I want more money, feed your beauty wife." "Not a serious, positive thing I tell you!" Shufen is happy and is angry. Various Artists no longer Xipixiaolian, in all seriousness said: "Today the world chaos has shown, it is estimated to occur in the near future large-scale war, I must make early preparations and

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