"government should put gays to death" says KS minister on tv...go to huffington post now

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    i need to learn to cut and paste again...and post links if somebody would steer me to the instructions...its been a long time

    I wish we had a Facebook LIKE and SHARE links here and twitter too...cause i posted the huffington link on fb and they have a cute video of a kid singing in church "AIN'T NO HOMOS GONNA TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN"...he is so cute!...and just saw a great piece of this aired with clear disgust on CNN

    my comment on fb was that my dad told me the same thing just for being disobedient and leaving the faith...he said "be glad you did not live in ancient times or you would have been stoned to death"...he had said that before about others dfd...i also said how you would have been stoned by jws if you were only stoned with weed!...or had any premarital sex...gay included...................im out there now!...........oompa

    staggering the things you would have been stoned for back then...simply disobeying your parents or church leaders...i guess on anything...i remember drinking and eating too much were specifically mentioned...but the list would be endless if ANYTHING you disobeyed about could lead to stoning...but the jw list list would be staggereing:

    smoking anything

    not taking care of your body well enough (god gave it to you and its sacred)

    saying oral and anal sex is yummy


    researching the nwt too much and letting them know all the big "mistakes" you found

    playing "achy breaky heart" at a wedding reception...even though the groom asked me too lmao...no i was not dfd for it

    you can add yours but you get the picture..............................oompa

    and on wikkipedia under BULLYING it mentions of a religious kind in the first paragraph...and shunning is that...and i am going to ask Romney in person on tv if he shuns disagreeing mormons the same way jws do and if that is his stance...he was a high school bully after all...and there is a great pbs doccumentary on mormon shunning i have seen before

    "coming out" for gays can mean losing your parents and friends in most religions...and the feeling is the same for "coming out" of jws

  • oompa

    ironically...my jw sister... gay and married to her life partner...she was baptized jw who at 16 was dfd...then came back and faded eons ago...sooooo wish she had dragged me out then dammit.....anyway mom and dad still have a relationship with her cause a letter was never read lol...i had only kinda faded for four years but could not keep my mouth very shut...so letters were read...first the reproof...then the DF letter which kind of pisses me off cause they should make a DA letter for us proud enough that we did not simply get the boot for some yummy sexual experiences...that is just too easy and common...lmao......oompa

  • wasblind

    The Witnesses always qoute, Hate what Jehovah hates

    they feel this gives them the right to go ahead to literally hate and judge a person.

    It is not for the individual to judge a man, because Jesus said

    all Judgement has been placed in his hands

    It is not placed wit us to determine who's destroyed and who's not

    we should show love and kindness to our neighbors, no matter who they are

    I think that is a lovely provision, By God, that allows us not to be

    judgemental, but to be able to show love freely

    which leads us to a more fulfilling life

  • Resistance is Futile
    Resistance is Futile


    What an uplifting message of hate and murder Pastor Curtis Knapp preaches.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Just like a child. Saying the most extreme things so that people will pay attention to them.

  • Diest

    oompa, if you use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste it should work. The menu on right click doesnt work well with this site. Capitals at the begining of sentences would make it easier to read longer posts.

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