Evangelists - TV or not

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  • LouBelle

    So every now and again I can stomach a 5min watch. That is my limit though! I am amazed (but then again perhaps not) that the masses these guys preach too are so taken in with the theatrics. I have never ever seen such blatent disregard for the actual bible - take thinks waaaay out of context, totally misinterperate the word and make a blatent mockery. What bothers me is that the masses lap it up. People are that desperate for wealth and health that they will believe these lunatics. (I guess I'm not that amazed because I believed in the JW take on it and was just as gullible)

    It's the antics of these evangelits though. Blowing on people and they fall down, "healing", preaching constantly about wealth wealth wealth, their so called experiences they have with god. It's like a bloody circus.

    Apologies if any of you are really into this - I'd like to know why? If you were a JW - even more intrigued as to why.

  • poppers

    I hear ya. I used to avoid watching any those clowns, but now I watch just to hear the ridiculous things they say and see the ridiculous things they do - it's mind boggling how gullible people can be.

  • wasblind

    Can't stomach 'em

    the bottom line is, they are askin'a money blessin' from you

    buy this, donate that, they will send you a prayer cloth ( rag )

    and tellin' you, God will bless you, for sendin' money to them

    And who's blessin' them ??? you, wit your money

    all the while, you waitin' on pennies from heaven

    folks need to wake up, God has blessed us wit a brain

    use it

    Great thread Lou bell

  • designs

    Going to the Calvary Chapel and Assembly Of God Services post JW ... priceless

  • apostatethunder

    I like to listen to Joel Osteen.

  • LV101

    Joel Osteen is a good motivational speaker --- I can stomach him once in awhile.

    What about the xtian radio stations --- the ministers w/doctorates are interesting and have located their station when driving few X's. Even heard Joyce Meyers/Dr. Stanley advertise their schedules. Christ did promise a better life (a life more abundant) to those who follow/exercise belief in him.

    Good topic, LouBelle.

  • wasblind

    Back in the 70's

    Oral Roberts Sr. fleeced the heck out of my grandma

    Days she didn't make it to her own church

    Oral Roberts would ask the folks watchin'

    to put thier hands on the T.V. while he prayed

    and begged money

    Come on now!!!! layin hands on the Boob tube !!!!!

    that's as bad as the witnesses thinkin' the demons can come through

    Maybe wit enough faith, I can pull Denzel Washington into my livin' room

    through the tube

  • kurtbethel

    It's entertainment, like watching jesters or mimes, or the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Deep spiritual understanding is not to be found there.

    For me, part of the fascination is trying to discern who really gobbles it up and who is also being entertained like I am.

  • unclebruce

    It's mesmerising

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