How an original STAR TREK episode nearly cost me my first JW marriage in its first year...true story I find funny/sad

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  • oompa

    So i'm 21, just married, and raised in my fathers image and thank god he liked sci-fi...a genre i was able to escape to new WORLDS in. He even took me to a TREKKIE covention when I was albout 12 at the Greensboro Coliseum and it was packed. We had watched every episode over and over...I thought. There was no VCR then. So what was my reaction when just as we were leaving for another meeting from happened...A Star Trek episode came on that I had NEVER SEEN BEFORE!!!!!!! Manna from HEAVEN!!! What would you (or jesus) do? I didn't CARE what jesus woudl do Scarlet.

    Well wife was APPALLED at the thought of me missing a meeting for this lil STAR TRECK THINGY! This was our very first fight btw and she got UGLY about it...cause yep I stayed and watched it while she stormed off all self-righteous and went to the meeting (the meeting---another cult buzzword---the meeting...sounds like a satanic movie title). Believe it or not this was such a huge sin to her that she threw this event in my face for the rest of her life...mentions even to this day if she gets the chance.

    Yesterday my oldest son said "Dad I think mom is insane...and she has been insane for a very long time"...he was serious.............oompa

  • GeneM

    I'd skip my child's birth for a new episode of TNG. Not TOS though. Never cared for it.

  • oompa

    LMAO!!!!! YOUR CHILDS BIRTH!!!!!>>>killing me!!!!.....oompa

    i though i might go to hell????

    Gene it had to start somewhere....don't you know how important the ORIGIN of everything is??

  • GeneM

    Ive watched every episode of every show except TOS. Never got into it. Seen the movies though. RIP GeneR.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    ''Yesterday my oldest son said "Dad I think mom is insane...and she has been insane for a very long time"...he was serious.............oompa''

    so sad really, i suspect that my kids wonder about their mother too. Her behaviour is really ostracizing them. Real 'unmotherly' stuff going on.


  • oompa

    oz i got in another jw argument with my ex last week...i did not start it...but it started with our dfd sons....she wanted details about an amazing holiday trip they took together...including pics on their FB page!!!! I said no. told her she wasn't a mother to them anymore if she chose not to be a part of their life and that their FB pics are private...shown only to those who are their FRIENDS on FB...lets say her and her uber self-righteous sister got quite upset with this factual remark...i think i told them to look up definitions and meanings of the word MOTHER...painful.....oompa

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Just ROn and I used to watch TNG, DS9, and STV religiously. We made plans around when those shows would be on. We are still big trekkie fans

  • truth_b_known

    Oompa: You don't have to refer to it as "TOS". There is only one true Trek. Often simulated, but never duplicated.

    I remember ditching field service to go to a Trek Convention. The meeting for field service was at my nextdoor neighbor's house. I walked out in full costume and makeup as the group was leaving for the territory.

  • TOTH

    Back in the early 90's when my wife was pregnant with our youngest child, I, and in collusion with my wife and brother skipped an entire circuit assembly and instead, attended a Star Trek convention at the Red Lion Inn in Sacramento. Felt good!

  • thecrushed

    TOS deals with many social and religious issues without offending one group or another. It was genius to say the least! I grew up with TNG and have a special place in my heart for Data, Cpt Pacard, Geordi la forge, Worfe, Wesley Crusher, Riker, Deanna Troy, and the rest of the cast.

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