I'm not afraid of a Armageddeon ...

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  • Snoozy

    When I have a nightmare it isn't about a Armageddon..it's always an attack from aliens..what does that mean?


  • MC RubberMallet
    MC RubberMallet

    Do the aliens have chains, whips, and handcuffs?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Do the aliens have chains, whips, and handcuffs?

    The thought the question was about nightmares not fantasy!


    BTW -- Anyone read "Fifty Shades....."

  • finallysomepride

    BTW -- Anyone read "Fifty Shades....." waiting for the movie

  • finallysomepride

    Once was scared of the bigA, now I'm just scared of the aliens

  • WTWizard

    Aliens. Yes, aliens. And they are called angels. Their purpose is to drive you right back to Jesus (or, in your case, Jehovah). The filthy angels will harass and terrorize people, and of course blame the innocent demons, so they will be afraid of Satan and His Demons. Usually, they go right back to Jehovah or Jesus--and are prevented from developing spiritually.

    If more people were in the know about what "Armageddon" or "The end of the world" actually was, this wouldn't be a problem. Cults would no longer be able to use it to scare people (whether it be the witlesses, Harold Camping, OBVES, or some pig that feeds the flock Kool-Aid with cyanide or blows up the compound). And people would stop seeking the Messiah, when in fact "it" is just a tool to enslave the whole human race. The "Messiah", or Jesus, simply represents the sun. This means that being in the know, you get the satisfaction of seeing "Jesus" every time you see the sun. A sunrise is another "Coming". And no waiting to be enslaved. Armageddon, or "the end of the world", is actually the change from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. I believe that recently happened, and you will be seeing more and more people exploring totally new religions.

    Once you know that, the angels will never again be able to terrorize you back to Christi-SCAM-ity or the Kingdumb Hell with Armageddon threats. Also, they will no longer be able to scam you into accepting the Messiah (who is in fact merely out to enslave the whole human race). They will have to resort to brute force--and expose their nefarious agenda in doing so.

  • ziddina

    I dunno if this post will be appropriate for this thread, but...

    Another sign of "Armageddon"....

    demonized seal


  • Kool Jo
    Kool Jo

    Even before I became aware of this website and was a 'good' JW..for some reason I still thought I wouldn't have survived the "big A" anyways...so I wasn't scared

  • Snoozy

    Funny, I never could believe that one..or a few other of their teachings come to think of it..

    Zid, that seal has to go..........hear me?..


  • blindnomore

    I believed in Armageddeon but couldn't see the best time for God to crack open heads of 99.99% population.

    Now I am afraid that there maybe no Armageddon which means all those Pharisses will dodged the punishment for crimes they have committed against humanity. There will be no justice for their victims. I wish big 'A' comes tomorrow. I know I am 1000 times better in my shoes than theirs.

    DOUBLE HONOR=DOUBLE JUDGE(Are you reading this you Bethel lurkers!!!)

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