Fake I.D.'s

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  • Snoozy

    Do you or have you ever used them? Good thing or bad?

    My daughter has 2 kids in college but my grandson has had one he got ovre the internet since he was 17. He got it for $10 or $20 . He has never been called on it and uses it all the time. Well he has since turned 21 and I asked him if anyone questioned who he was when he went to his usual hangouts by his college. He was a different name before..he said no.

    Anyway I just found out my granddaughter also has one now and apparently has for a while..either my daughter didn't tell me or she didn't know until now but the point is ..Her and my grandson and 3 other under age girls are going out to a hangout tonight.

    Do you think a parent should allow the kids to have fake ID's? Apparently they can get them anyway on the computer..but how far should a parent go to protect their child?

    I have come to accept the fact that they drink..they are in college and apparently most of the kids do it. I think my granddaughter started drinking at 16. They both make excellent grades in college but the drinking concerns me. Even tho I am told this is what the kids do now.They have always been able to use them and have never been called on them, be it a liquor shop or a night club..

    They are having a discussion about how easy it is to get one on TV as to how easy it is to use one..and how they can't tell they are fake.

    Makes you wonder in other aspects of life how many of those fake IDs are being used?

    Is anyone who they say they are?..


  • NewChapter

    If my child was under my authority, I would not condone it. But if they are older and in college, well I guess I just have to tolerate it. My hope would be that I have given my daughter a good foundation, taught her to protect herself, and taught her she could come to me if in trouble, then I just have to trust her.

    But if she was 17 and living at home---I would confiscate it. She could get another---but at least my feelings would be clear on the issue.


  • Snoozy

    That's the way I feel NC..when my granddaughter got caught smuggling booze at 16 I was worried she may develop a problelm. It seems she went to some kind of program recently at college for drinking..and yet they are all going out tonight..

    My daughter wants to handle things with her hubby..which I think is good..I stay out of it..but I still worry about them.

    Snoozy..a over protective grandma..

  • NewChapter

    You'll always worry---that's for sure.


    Well, I had one when I was 18 saying I was 21. I got it to go to Vegas...with my mom & grandmother. It was a B&M place, but hasn't been around in years..hmmm

    Anyway, I had to produce it when I won $50 in a nickle slot machine. I was sweating bullets, but everything was fine....lol

    I'm sure I didn't look 21, as I've always been told I look younger than my age. I probably looked 16 at that time, too..lol

    That was back in the 80's so I am SURE what they can come up with now looks just like the real deal, especially with tech advances.

    It is scary for parents, I am sure. I certainly wouldn't want my kids to have one, and I would think if they were to get caught with the fake ID, the powers that be might take it more serious than in the past? (Like getting someone to buy a 6 pack for you or a pack of cigs...anyone that gets caught buying for minors now and gets caught~you are in serious shit!)

    I feel for you, Snoozy.

  • Diest

    They just need to be careful around law enforcement. Post 9-11/ Terrorist bull shit and the government is more sensitive. There are several laws that have made possession of these IDs more legally dangerous.

  • wasblind

    I agree Diest,

    there is a lot of hoopla about fake ID's and the things

    they are used for ,I would steer clear of 'em

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