The Fatal Attraction of "God's Organization"

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  • Cameron_Don

    I recently watched the 5-part documentary “The Fatal Attraction of Adolf Hitler” on YouTube…

    Without even trying I could not help but notice several similarities between the fatal attraction German’s had to Hitler and the fatal attraction Jehovah’s Witnesses have to their “God’s organization.”

    Example:: Toward the end of the documentary it explained that even when some Germans finally began to realize that Hitler was not the ‘nice guy’ they thought he was, they still remained loyal to him because “there was no one else to turn to.”

    Who does that remind us of?

    Don Cameron

  • paladin

    Let me think now. It has to be the WT$.

  • serenitynow!

    Wow that is scary. I'm gonna have to watch that.

  • Cameron_Don

    The documentary starts out like this…

    “This is a cautionary tale for every country and every generation. The story of what happens when a civilized and cultured people surrender its will to a charismatic political leader.”

    In the case of the civilized and cultured people known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, its what happens when people surrender their will to their religious leaders – i.e. their Governing Body.

    Another similarity is the Nazi propaganda against Jews and the Watchtower propaganda against apostates.


  • baltar447

    The crazy thing is, there isn't any charismatic leaders on the GB today. It's the whole idea of being "special" and then that being backed up with the stick and the carrot. That and being in a brainwashed cult.

  • Ding

    The WTS doesn't have a charismatic leader.

    Instead, it creates a fictional leader called "God's organization" or "the faithful and discreet slave class."

    If Ray Franz was right in CoC, it seems that the GB believe in this fictional leader themselves...

  • ziddina

    The Watchtower Society does not - at present - have a charismatic leader...

    When I first exited and began reading about cults, on the advice of my therapist, that was the one aspect of cult life that the JWs appeared to lack. It threw me a bit, but since all the other characteristics fit...

    Later on, I learned about Charles Taze Russell [charismatic, single leader], "Judge" Rutherford charismatic, single leader], H.R. Knorr charismatic, single leader], and Freddy Franz charismatic, single leader]...

    I wonder whether someone will rise up out of the ranks and become another charismatic, single leader - again...


  • wantingtruth

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