Sub-Rosa-Room.......who remembers that! ;)

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  • Edweirdo

    Howdy Ros, doubt you remember me, but you ....YOU......changed my life forever!'s lil ol Eddieeeeee..... Below is an email I got from you 03/07/1997! I *still* have it!

    **THIS IS JUST TO YOU, EDDIE, NOT THE SUB-ROSA-ROOM** Please reply only to me, not to Sub-Rosa. Hi, Eddie: You have done very well in Sub-Rosa. There is a large chat-list they call the "Philia-Pub." It tries not to be too publicized, but a lot of people know about it. It is strictly for ex-Witnesses (with a couple of exceptions), and the people there have a lot of fun. I think you are ready to also participate with the ex-Witnesses in that group--if you would like to. I think you would enjoy it. There are exJWs from all around the world there. Please do not mention this group to other people as they do not want it publicized anymore than possible. If you try it and don't like it, you can always request to be unsubscribed. What I think you will enjoy is all the people you will meet. I used to be on it, but had to leave because I just couldn't handle all the e-mail. Let me know if you would like to try that group out, and I'll tell you how to get subscribed. Blessings, Ros Blessings, Ros ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BEACON for former Jehovah's Witnesses "A religion that teaches lies cannot be true." e-mail: [email protected] --Watchtower, 12/1/91 p.7 e-mail: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
  • DocBob

    Oh, that brings back some memories :)

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