What Would Happen?

by allyouneedislove 3 Replies latest watchtower medical

  • allyouneedislove

    What do you think would happen if I told an Elder or CO "Listen, I just thought you should know that I have no intention of heeding ANY direction from the FDS regarding medical procedures"?

  • AnneB

    Try it and report back.

  • jgnat

    They would look at you like you are some sort of alien that has sprouted three horns, and then talk drivel in an attempt to calm you in to submission. IF THEY HAVE any personal opinion on what you have said, they will share it behind closed doors. After all, you have just grown three horns.

  • Bobcat

    Imagine being on a battlefield. Your enemy is somewhere out there in front of you. You are somewhere out in front of your enemy. Exactly where, they are not sure. Suddenly, you hoist a flag signaling your position.

    The WT lives off of being 'somewhere out there,' but never in a definite location. The "FDS" is nothing more than a smoke screen, sheilding those who are really making policies. Telling them what you think or feel does nothing to them. It only identifies you.

    It does worse than that. It gives someone the ability to judge you before you have ever done anything. Why give someone the ability to judge you over, say, the blood issue, when you may never need blood.

    You may have to identify or stand up for yourself over some important issue. Telling someone beforehand how you think or feel lets them decide when the battle begins and how it will be fought.

    Just my two cents worth. Take care.

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