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  • Shawn10538

    message to Jehovah's Witnesses. Taking blood is just the right thing to do. no argument need be offered. it is simple self-evident truth. it is universal. Children know it unless they are brainwashed against it. it is the Godly thing to do.

  • Shawn10538
  • Shawn10538


  • skeeter1

    I watched the video of the Red Cross tour. I really liked it. Especially, I liked the tone. It was very matter-of-fact, non-threatening, and not overly on any one side. It went into the donation site, the blood processing "factory", testing, shelf life, components, etc. In particular, I liked how it said that white blood cells are taken out of "whole blood" now, as these white blood cells are responsible for reactions.

    Afterwards, there was another video of a female blood professional/patholgoist. I wasn't able to watch it completely due to time. But, there was really good point in how blood is needed, there is no substitute for it, bloodless is not defined term and can mean anything (including blood), safety of blood, small amount of deaths due to blood transfusions, as well as medicine always trying to lower the amount of blood given.

    I think everyone could learn something from these videos.


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