Evangelicals Take Their War Against Science to South Korean Classrooms

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  • cofty

    Having been exposed as liars in Dover and defeated in numerous other cases in the USA, creationists are now poisoning children's minds in Asia.

    From koreaBang today...

    A number of core references to the theory of evolution contained in the science textbook such as archaeopteryx and ‘the changes of horse over time’ have disappeared from the textbooks. This was the result of the Christian organization’s petition. The bio-science community hitherto remained dismissive of the Creationists’ challenge to the theory of evolution express dismay. As the calls to ‘defend evolution’ among a number of university students and biologists are getting more vocal, there are others who chime in to significantly update the ancient science textbooks that have not been revised for decades.

    According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST), of the seven science textbook publishers, three of them have decided to concede to the petition that called ‘the depiction of the evolution of horse is the product of imagination’. Chonjae Education publishing house decided to replace the ‘evolution of horse’ with the ‘evolution of whale’ and the rest decided to remove the reference altogether.


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