1975 failed prediction?

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  • Balaamsass2
    Simon Says; You knew Both Freddy and Ray? Did you also work at 124 in the 70s? That was a long time ago...If you followed the GB lead and put Kingdom intrests first, you should be old, childless, and broke. Or did you turn a deaf ear to Freddy and the Governing body, "pannel your home", not put Kingdom interests first and talk to apostates on the internet.........:)
  • William Penwell
    William Penwell
    I am wondering is SimonSays is a lawyer being paid by the WT to do damage control?
  • truthseeker100

    I am wondering is SimonSays is a lawyer being paid by the WT to do damage control?

    Could be, but I doubt it, they can't hide their past!

  • Alive!

    Reading the article from March 15 1980.....I'm reminded of an unpleasant sensation I'd often get from the literature.

    It's all about Us, the inside captured congregation.

    All about how the loyal and committed Christian JW reacts, processes and manages information from the Slave.

    The Slave says they are the Almighty God's mouthpiece.

    So.....why are not millions, billions running to the organisation?

    What will finally attract them? Do we have a "fine reputation" for having honest, humble communication with "unbelievers".... Or really, after decades of complete foolishness such as the above and through to today, ongoing issues with an illogical and conflicting blood doctrine, can we expect discerning, wise people to believe God is really speaking through our slave class? Is this IT?

    Is this the best world can expect?

    Jesus said that people would walk into the congregations and say that God is truly amongst/ with "us" people.

    We ( JW) have no supernatural signs, no absolute precision prophetic interpretation.... For a young religion we have a painful history of truly weird, wonderful whacky beliefs.

    I used to wonder why none of my dead grandparents, great grandparents would not have been "drawn to Jehovah" - surely they would have heard of witnesses in their day? .....well, perhaps they were not drawn to a religious entity that promised the resurrection of ancient worthies in 1925 to live in a purpose built mansion - perhaps that repelled them? The things that are old now and are discounted, would have been very fresh then.

  • 3rdgen
    SimonSays, I'm still waiting for you to answer my questions. It is too nice a day to stay indoors so off to my rose garden I will go.......check back with you later.
  • Finkelstein

    Watchtower March 15, 1980 pages 17-18

    Caption: Hold to Your Choice!

    If we remain faithful, God will not let us make ruinous mistakes. But sometimes he permits us to be in error so that we may see our need to look always to him and his Word. This strengthens our relationship with him and our endurance while waiting.

    Just some more self serving propaganda to sustain power toward the leaders of the WTS, who were with this instance of 1975 as the dating proclamations before it, were quite corrupt and devious in their underlining intent.

    Jehovah would have never chosen the Watchtower Corporation unless you believe he would choose a commercially indulgent and corrupt false prophet.

  • Finkelstein

    The entire long list of calculated dates starting perhaps in 1874 right to 1975 and even today, is in direct opposition going against Jesus's own words and direction that he himself admonished his followers into calculating a time or date on god's own sacred time.

    So how could the WTS. be chosen as the FDSL ?

    Wasn't it a case of the WTS choosing themselves by self proclamation ?

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    Research the Watchtower March 15, 1980 pages 17-18 U.S. version

    Yearbook 1980 pages 30-31 U.S. version. As well as what was written in the Watchtower in 1976.

    Whatever for? That was trying to be wise after the event. A bloody lot of use it is to close the stable door after the horse has bolted for it!

    That 1976 Watchtower article that chastised those who had sold up their homes and pioneered pre-1975 might have achieved some good had it said the same thing several years beforehand.

    Are we all supposed to be impressed by the fact that the WTS did finally say something - just several years too late to prevent people from harming themselves?


  • fulltimestudent

    I have posted this previously, but it's worth repeating. It's my memories of living through a failed prophecy:

    In Sydney (Australia) at least, by the time we got to mid 1975, many brothers who believed the WTS talk about 1975, were looking at the supposed list of things to happen during the time of the end, and wondering how they could all happen in the next six months. I was not particularly perturbed, at the time, because I knew that calculating time periods was fraught with difficulties.

    But apparently in Brooklyn, some were wondering the same because about August 1975, Nathan Knorr and Freddy Franz turn up at the Australian Branch, and a talk was arranged at the (then) Greenacre Assembly Hall.

    Nathan gets up and talks first, I cant recall much of most of his talk, but its very clear in my mind, that he got to a certain point, and said the same thing that I've highlighted above.Nathan put it something like this:

    "As it is now August, it does not seem that (and he turned to face Freddy Franz) all the things that Bro. Franz, says must happen before Armageddon, can happen in the next few months."

    I interpreted his body language as saying that he was more than bit pissed off by all this.

    It's a rather open understanding that the Knorr/Franz duopoly allowed each man to follow his basic interests. Fred looked after Bible research and study. Nathan looked after the engineering (printing/building) and organisation.

    I felt a bit sorry ( a feeling that soon faded) for Nathan that night. It was clear that he had relied on Freddy's bible knowledge and viewpoint, and now the rug had been pulled out from under his feet. He'd had an operation for cancer and died a couple of years later, maybe wondering where it had all gone wrong.

    The following year, they sent a Canadian brother* out to tell us that Armageddon was way off into the future, maybe as long as (quote), eighteen years (unquote) away.

    That's when I started thinking .....

    *A former Aussie Branch overseer named Doug. Held.

    Doug had been one of gay Percy Chapman's handsome glamour boys in the Canadian Branch, and had survived the purge when Nathan demoted Percy Chapman from Branch Overseer to cleaner.

  • SimonSays

    Not at all, just as I'm not impressed by your collective reasoning. Does anyone remember the Age of Aquarius, Flower Power, Peace Man, Love not War, I have a dream movement, then Vietnam.




    Has anyone read?

    The Psychology of American Fascism: The Triumph of the Authoritarian Id

    By Mark Jarmuth

    These were elements the WT was concerned about. The Awake printed for October 8, 1966 by and large stated on the Cover Page: Why Does God Permit Wickedness.

    The Wars and Civil unrest after 1914 and in the 60’s and 70’s were paramount to the WT that had drawn parallels of understanding 1914. The underscore Caption labeled: “How much longer will it be” provided an insight of the year 1975 would conclude the proverbial 6000 years if you understood their time line. Some witnesses took this to mean Armageddon. No, it meant that if, 1914 was correct we’d be seeing the completion of Christ’s admonition of the end times according to Matthew 24: 6-9. The WT also made reference of an article from the New York Times Magazine of August 1, 1954 stating: "The first war closed a long era of general peace and began a new age of violence in which the second war is simply an episode. Since 1914 the world has had a new character. Thus the first World War marks a turning point in modern history."

    The WT understood to mean, this generation alone has experienced the fulfillment of this part of the sign Jesus gave, referring to after 1914, on. However as stated some misunderstood and accepted 1975 as literal, not the hypothesis. So if the JW’s still have faith in this belief, then everything that has been seen by man up to now is a fulfillment that would also include such admonition such as Luke 21:7 and 2 Timothy 3:1-13 and that’s the purpose of printing the 1969 article “ Millions now living will never die” drawing from the same parallel.

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