Achoo! Watchtower Bless You.

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  • okage

    This has been irking me for a bit. Many of us on here acknowledge the Society's subtle demand to be worshipped like God.

    They are God's mouthpiece, yet they make the claim "question the Organization is like questioning Jehovah." "Accept what we say because Jehovah is saying it."

    When you call out the typical Witness on worshipping the WTS, they argue adamantly that they don't worship the Society. Only Jehovah.

    But when you tell a Witness to their face that the Society has done awful things, like "joined the Beast," created a Governing Body with no Scriptural support, Malawi v Mexico, made false predictions, flip flopped doctrine, what is the common accusation?

    You're an Apostate. Many of the bolder Witnesses on the Net will call you it. It's a little more difficult to get one to immediately say it to your face, but it happens.

    But on what grounds do they accuse you of Apostacy? An apostate is someone who goes against God, no?

    If you are/were a Witness, does this line sound familiar?

    "You're spreading lies about God."

    How does saying the Organization protects pedophiles amount to lying about God? You know, I think they'd be more tolerable if they just admitted they worship a group of men in New York. It's frustrating to argue with somebody who has no evidence to support their claim when you have mountains of evidence to support your claim, and they still feel like they're right.

    The Branch Davidians weren't this looney.

  • cedars

    Welcome to the wonderful world of apostasy - not apostasy from God necessarily but from an organization.

    They are free to define apostasy any way they like. Logic and reason has nothing to do with it. It sucks, but that's how it works.


  • Kojack57

    Okage: I brought up a point to a jdub I know about the amount of pediaphiles in the BORG and how they are protected and he shouted at the top of his lungs in a public place. THAT'S APOSTATE AND I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT. So, they are programmed by constant reminders that anything negative and not from the watchtower is APOSTATE. There is no amount of reasoning that can be used to reach these MIND CONTROLLED ROBOTS.

    Something drastic will have to happen to these individual's for them to start to question and start investigating for themselves. Until then we have to keep it on the down low. Otherwise, they will explode.


  • LostGeneration

    It is bat shit crazyness.

    They have "the truth" right? Then why in the world would they be afraid of "lies"?

    I mean Truth has nothing to fear from a lie. If I want to "lie" about something as truthful as gravity, I'd die real quick.

    The "A" word is their desperate last-ditch ad hominem attack. Then they don't have to listen to you, or your damned facts.

    Funny how all WT laspses in judgement (1975, UN) become "apostate" once exposed.

  • OldGenerationDude

    I remember watching two films, practically back to back one weekend a year or two ago: one was about Joan of Arc and the other was someone I hadn't heard of but never forgot after I saw the film, Bernadette Soubirous.

    Both were French girls, both received visions, both were called apostates by the own religious people, the Catholic Church (I believe the term they use is "heretics').

    Not only were both films quite moving, they are somewhat embarassing not only to Catholics but religious people in general. When was the last time you heard of an atheist stoning one of their own heroes that revolutionizes their point of view or cause? That is what both these young women experienced from their own people--they both received revelations from heaven, had miracles produced through them, and still one, Joan of Arc, got burned at the stake, and the other was ostracized and even hated by many clergy in a way that was even more disrespectful than death. The two are now conisdered saints, and their visions and example that made them heretics now honored and championed.

    If there is a God, then that's the way I would expect God to operate--to make fools of those who think so great of themselves, especially the religionist fools, and to their very faces. The heretic you stone today will rule you from heaven tomorrow.

    Okay, maybe a little too much for some of us to take (no offense, my neighbor atheists). My point is that religions don't seem to learn this lesson very well, do they? So we're in pretty good company, my fellow apostates or heretics, for history is sure to repeat itself--and thus be warned Watchtower (and all you other religions, for that matter), forthe person you hate, reject, and think deserving of your judgment today will be the saint whose example you will fall short of living up to tomorrow.

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