Hey Ladies, "Willful Non Support" Is Not Bad If You Serve The Slave!

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Everyone has their favorite story of "Willful Non Support", I will relate part of mine, without divulging too much information. Brother Dillweed is a "stay at home elder", his wife works sixty hours a week, so brother dillweed can better help the congregation.

    When questioned why she allows her husband to stay at home, her face turns red, and anger boils through her veins "Jehovah is using him! I am his helper, pushing him forward!"

    This goes on for five years, she works and the creditors close in, and bamm! Their car is hauled away by the Repo-man! Her faith in her man is unbreakable, it's Satan's bankers taken advantage of her, it's persection for being so godly!"

    Our mentally diseased sister has never once considered her elder husband to be the reason for her demise. Now as she looks back on her Job trials, she is more convinced she did the right thing, by putting the "Kingdom First" by keeping her elder husband home.

    He would sit around, malingering all day, busy body stuff. He never cleaned the house, his wife's job, cooking, no! She made their kids breakfast, lunch and dinner, washed laundry, his and her cars. She is proud of all she has done for her family and her great example of being a supportive wife!

    Do you a favorite "Willful Non Support Story"? Share your story with all the new young women who might be lurking on JWN now. New sisters and young JWs are getting married and might consider supporting their "Pioneer Husband" a praiseworthy endeavour! The Pioneer husband usually drives around in circles, visiting tanning boothes and gyms, and Starbucks. He is good at watching Netflix, playing video games like Xbox, PlayStation and WIII..... Poor young boys and girls!

    Poor mentally stuck humans, if only they would ponder their bad situation, the Bible would speak to them! The Society tells those who don't have anymore mental-emotional resources, "Just Wait on Jehovah God" maybe this is Jehovah's tool to help free them, from their bondage to lazy mates?

    No more buring through your IRA, 401k or other retirement savings to keep your stay-at-home elder or pioneer in pajamas!

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