Boy. The Circuit Assemblies have changed since I last went!

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  • usualusername

    Boy. The Circuit Assemblies have changed since I last went!

  • puffthedragon

    That was so motivational it woke my dog up and he felt the spirit! OK, he grabbed the tennis ball and ran it over to me, but I think it was still the spirit.

  • zeb

    I recall a four day convention and then there was a 'special meeting' the next weekend. "That was not to be missed" on direct line from the east. etc

    (a) why wasnt this material put into the 4 day convention

    (b) direct line from the east. Rubbish. The time differences precluded this.

    After four days families are running out of clothes nappies (Diapers) good will and strenghth.

    Many had travelled at great expense across the state to the four day one and were expected to do the same again?

  • Kojack57

    Hell, if going to the kingdom hall was like this then count me in. LOL!!!!


  • geevee

    Is that Bro. Prince?

  • shopaholic

    Holy, Holy, HOOLAY!!! If the JWs had this I would have still left but would at least visit every now and then for the music.

  • usualusername

    The moment at 2:16 is amazing.............

  • WTWizard

    Nice that I no longer deal with that rubbish. Wasting the time to sit there and listen to talks ordering us to beware fornication, Satan, the Internet, higher education, and apostates while urging us to pious-sneer is not my idea of a well spent weekend. And I find out that most of what they are fleeing from is actually what you should be running to: And that includes Satan.

    Instead of wasting the time, I can make a few clicks online and read some instructions, watch some videos and listen to audio, and buy some CDs and books (hand bound, but better material than the littera-trash found at the Kingdumb Hell). Granted, the amount of material is much less than at the Kingdumb Hell, but it is much better in quality. And, once I manage to get things going, Satan and the demons can actually help me develop my spiritual condition far better than what any right-hand path religion could even promise. (Yup, Satan--the Father Satan that the witlesses urge people to be afraid of for their lives.)

    And no field circus. None.

  • Joliette

    The last assemblies and conventions that I went to were boring! I could not stay woke! I wish they did have live music at the convention, I promise you I would more then likey stay woke then. But woke or sleep, I still would have known it was bullshit anyways.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Trading one mind numbing God fest for another, with a beat.

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