Yahoo CEO Just Got Fired, His Degree Was Fake! Who Said College Degrees Don't Matter?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Yahoo fired its second CEO in less than a year Sunday amid concerns about an exaggerated resume, throwing the company into turmoil just months into its latest turnaround effort.

    The board ousted Scott Thompson, 54, who took Yahoo's top job in January, after a dissident shareholder questioned the biography he had submitted to the company before becoming CEO. Ross Levinsohn, 48, executive vice president of the Americas for Yahoo, was named interim CEO

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    Was there a Watchtower or Awake Magazine that printed "all you need is the Awake and Watchtower education" Do they certify their diploma from Bethel, are the units transfereable to other colleges or universities?

  • Iamallcool

    (never mind)

  • Palimpsest

    His degree wasn't fake; his listed double-major was. Here's the relevant portion from the article you linked:

    Thompson's troubles began May 3, when Third Point notified reporters that the CEO's resume said he "holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and computer science" from Stonehill College, when in fact his degree is in accounting only.

    So he does indeed have the B.A., but it's only in accounting. If I've been following the story correctly, I think part of what got him in trouble is that he did study computer science -- as in, he took some coursework in it -- but he exaggerated it to make it sound like he'd actually double-majored. It's one of those "grain of truth" situations.

  • Joliette

    Yeah I guess it does really matter.

  • talesin

    Ross Levinsohn, 48, executive vice president of the Americas for Yahoo, was named interim CEO

    I wonder if anyone has checked his resume.

    This story made me laugh out loud, literally, when I first read it. They hired a CEO and didn't verify his education? This guy probably makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year ...

    Yet, when someone with a secretarial degree and 20 years of experience applies for a job, they give them a grammar and typing test.



  • biometrics

    I don't think the degree was the issue. Rather the fact that he'd faked it.

  • Chemical Emotions
    Chemical Emotions

    It's funny yet unsettling.

  • Sunflower Samurai
    Sunflower Samurai

    @Bubblegummo "Fake does not mean Fake", you stand corrected by! "Plalimp".

    " Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson to stand down after faking computer science degree on his resume"

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    "It was Loeb and Daniel Levinsohn, head of Third Point, which owns 5.8 per cent of the company, who discovered Thompson's misstep and told the world of his phoney degree claim

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    "Phoney" means "Fake" How did your appointment with Merrill Lynch go this week, are you going to take their job offer?

  • sammielee24

    Who knows why they really fired him. Let's face it, if lying by a CEO was an issue with all companies or people, you'd be short a few thousand bankers, politicians, lawyers etc. Could have been that someone wanted him out and searched for a reason to do it - how many times do you hear of kids in uni or college buying their papers aka cheating...those students go on to become CEO's with a degree that looks good but could be bought....I don't think in some instances a degree is necessary nor does it matter because there are people capable of doing the work and doing it well, degree or not.

    How long ago was his supposed degree - 30 years? One assumes he has an impressive work history and references if he even got the job...sammiesw

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