Genesis 9:4

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  • allyouneedislove

    What does Genesis 9:4 truly mean, in your opinion?

    Some say it means do not eat blood.

    Some say it means do not eat an animal that is alive.

    Are there any scholars that argue that it means 'do not eat blood"?

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    cofty . . .

    I recall the thread where eggy ran for cover when confronted with the "first principles" on what the bible really says about blood. It's remarkably simple and logical within it's own context IMO, and renders WT doctrine childlike in it's interpretation. Every other line of argument becomes moot. Scriptures like Gen 9;4 lose their mystery, and instead sit comfortably alongside the correct understanding.

    Excellent summary btw.

  • cofty

    Thanks. I honestly believe every JW could grasp this if they were given the chance to consider it objectively.

    At the very least, could they really risk the life of their child after they had considered this reconciliation of what the bible says on blood?

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    The fundamental issue is that throughout the Scriptures, the word "blood" always signifies Death. In a medical procedure, the presence of blood (whole blood is not used) does not indicate that the previous owner had died, unlike in other forms of body part transfer.

    It is called "transFUSION" where the digestion process plays no part in the procedure.

    Interestingly, vaccination, which is more akin to transfusion, is permitted by the WTS, even when the product is based on blood.

    For the Scriptural view on blood:

    (Include a search for: gn. 4)


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  • Blind_Of_Lies

    Re: Genesis 9:4

    What you must remember is that your average JW does not simply read the bible and then apply it to their lives in a logical fashion. Instead they read the bible as a supplement to Watchtower propaganda. Watchtower uses single verses from the bible to justify volumes of doctrine. For example based on Genesis 9:4 and a couple other short verses of the bible the WTBTS has: Outlawed lifesaving blood transfusions, called organ transplants cannibalism, outlawed modern blood fractions, outlawed some drugs who were distantly and in some cases not even directly made from blood or blood fractions, THEN after killing untold thousands by forcing people to refuse the treatments needed to save their lives and the lives of their children they then used the same scriptures to OK organ transplants, blood fractions, medicines made from blood fractions ect… The scriptures never changed but the publications people were using to “study the bible” did.

    Your average JW does not know truly believe why they believe what they do all they know is what the WTBTS told them and they can recite basic talking points on the subject.

  • Blind_Of_Lies

    To answer the question asked, Gen 9:4 I think is meant to avoid the following situation:

    A salesman is lost in a rural area and stops at a farm to get directions. As he is talking to the farmer he notices a pig with a wooden leg. "How did the pig get a wooden leg?", he asks the farmer.

    "Well", says the farmer, "that is a very special pig. One night not too long ago we had a fire start in the barn.

    "Well, sir, that pig set up a great squealing that woke everyone, and by the time we got there he had herded all the other animals out of the barn and saved everyone of them."

    "And that was when he hurt his leg?" asked the salesman.

    "Oh no" says the farmer. "He was fine after that. Though a while later I was in the woods out back and a bear attacked me. Well, sir, that pig was near by and he came running and set on that bear and chased him off. Saved me for sure."

    "So the bear injured his leg then," says the salesman.

    "Oh no. He came away without a scratch from that. Though a few days later my tractor turned over in a ditch and I was knocked unconscious. Well, that pig dove into the ditch and pulled me out before I drowned."

    "So he hurt his leg then?" asks the salesman.

    "Oh no," says the farmer.

    "So how did he get the wooden leg?" the salesman asks.

    "Well", the farmer tells him, "When you have a pig like that, you don't want to eat him all at once."

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