Jehovah's Witnesses View Of Higher Education Video

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
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    The speaker tells of "Witnesses who are close to graduation and drop out of school to pursue Kingdom Goals" "Turn down scholarships to pursue Kingdom Interest"

    Now that we are in the twentieth year of the "Thousand Year Reign Of Our Lord Jesus Christ", all those students who dropped out of college are happy they listened to the unwavering and steady teachings of Society, without reading their Bible or "Testing These Apostles" Revelation 2:3

  • cheerios

    what is interesting about that ... "turn down scholarships" .. um dont you have to APPLY for them? if they are really putting kingdumb interests first, why would they bother to apply for htem in the first place?

    afaik, scholarships in the usa dont just come looking for you, at least not on teh average. perhaps some super gifted kid might get looked for but i wouldnt think that would fall in the active dub category anyways

  • Chariklo

    It's just part of the brainwash, and the sad thing is they'll believe it.

    The really sad thing is the otherwise intelligent people who years ago denied themselves any form of higher education, and later in life are elders and, particularly, elderettes eaten up with suppressed bitterness and resentment at what they never had. They are the ones who censoriously bully anyone who comes under their radar.

    In fact the elders have their desired power, and largely are not so bitter. It's the elderettes, probably pioneers, who can only think along WT tramlines, and demand that everyone else do the same.

    I know a few.

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