The sleep of Reason brings forth MONSTERS!

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  • Terry

    Our ancient planet is a battleground.

    From the darkest millennia monsters hunt and have been hunted.

    The competition red in fang and claw extinguished 99.9 per cent of every living species that ever existed!

    Today, our own species, homo sapien is MAN REASONING.....and thus surviving at the top of the food chain.

    But....with one foot on a banana peel and the other in the abyss of extinction.

    Only REASON holds back the monsters of the ID who silently lurk to devour us all.

    I speak of RELIGIOUS contagion--but--in a particular mode you may be unaccustomed to hearing about or THINKING of.

    The monsters hide under the guise of RELIGIOUS SOLIDARITY in stifling free expressions of criticism, free speech and challenging the authority of Theocracts!

    On the 30th of September 2005, a Danish Newspaper published 12 editorial cartoons. Perhaps you'll recall the international stir.

    The stated purpose of these cartoons was to make people reconsider the cloak of fear surrounding the inability to speak out and say anything challenging about

    Islam and its radical jihadists without being instantly hushed by death threats or being villified as a blasphemer.

    The protests were ironic. Muslim clerics complained that the cartoons made it look at though Islam was a terrorist religion. The fact that over 100 resulting deaths from gunshots into crowds, bombings, fires in embassies were the handiwork of Muslims seems to have escaped their notice! The bumper sticker could have read:

    The use of intimidation is not usually associated with a peaceful religion.

    The following from a German news publication:


    After Attack on Danish Cartoonist The West Is Choked by Fear

    An Editorial by Henryk M. Broder

    A Somalian man broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard on Friday armed with an ax and a knife. He is accused of the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist.Zoom AP

    A Somalian man broke into the home of Kurt Westergaard on Friday armed with an ax and a knife. He is accused of the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist.

    The attack on illustrator Kurt Westergaard wasn't the first attempt to carry out a deadly fatwa. When Muslims tried to murder Salman Rushdie 20 years ago, the protests among intellectuals were loud. Today, though, Western writers and thinkers would rather take cover than defend basic rights.

    Indeed, all over the West there was ducking and covering to avoid the intimidation.

    Borders Books refused to allow any magazine on its newsrack which carried reproductions of the cartoons.

    Worst, a total capitulation by religious leaders demonstrated solidarity with those bullying and calling names like "blasphemer" "racist" "western dupes" occured.

    The Extremists were embraced as the victims and the victims were excoriated as the bullies!

    From Afghanistan to Nigeria Danish people were murdered. While two leading Egyptian newspapers decried the over-reaction, christian leaders took sides with those fomenting the terror.

    His Holiness the Pope condemned.......what would you guess? Well, it was the cartoonists, the newspapers and the blasphemy--not the murderers.

    The U.S. State Department condemned............those who published the cartoons and not the violence.

    The Archbishop of Canterbury condemned......the cartoons.

    Western church leaders condemned the cartoon blashphemy and not the campaign to wreak havoc and murder, sabotage and itimidation to silence freedom of expression!

    The Barbarians were not at the Gate. They were inside!

    The sleep of Reason brings forth Monsters.

    Who held open the door for the invasion? The very leaders who represent peace and reason. Our religious community.

    When the Ayatollah Khomeni offered money to suborn murder of Salmon Rushdie (not even an Iranian and who was living in England)--the Cardinal and Archbishop of New York, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, His Holiness the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury all condemned.......what? THE NOVEL and the AUTHOR and not the offer of money to murder!!

    Blasphemy is worse, to them, than murder!

    Jehovah's Witnesses use the word APOSTATE the way others use Blasphemy. They take solidarity with those who would intimidate and coerce compliance rather than allow freedom of expression, protest, complaint or criticism. The elders and leaders fully expect those who oppose them to be DESTROYED so powerful is their anger against those who refuse to shut the hell up and do as they are told!

    The only thing that stands against this solidarity to intimidate and silence protest is REASON and reason cannot afford to sleep!

    It is the work of this Discussion forum, the work of Free Minds and the work of each of us who is still allowed to think and to speak and to write the truth

    to be vigilant in raising a hew and cry when we see injustices like these being done!

    Below are those so-called blasphemous cartoons. Do not look at them if you are Muslim and do not wish to be offended.

    Blasphemy, in the final analysis, takes place as a THOUGHT CRIME.

    Who decides if it is even there at all? THE MIND of the offended person!

    How creepy is that?


    We may be living soon in a world where protest, jibes, criticism or simple reasoned argument are violently opposed as BLASPHEMY simply because some

    nutcase who is religious decides IN THEIR OWN MIND we are racists, blasphemers and apostates!

    RELIGION IS A STONE AGE IDEOLOGY derrived from the deserts of Palestine by men who didn't even know germs cause disease. They BELIEVE that they alone

    have the right to tell you WHAT TO THINK and when to shut up.

    Keep your mind and your mouth open!

  • Terry

    Let the religious parent each raise their own child with their special exclusivist myths while carefully segregating them from those who disagree, never allowing one critical thought to enter the child's ears and in a few years those children will grow up and face one another with great alarm and curiousity.

    When one speaks, or writes, or dares to be "OTHER" the fun begins!

    Freedom of Religion is a right in our country (the U.S.) and not Freedom FROM religion.

    You do not DARE speak out against what is evil if it has the cloak of protection (Religion) attached.

    You will be silenced, branded, shunned and marginalized.

    Putting the word FAITH around something barbaric, ignorant, narrow-minded, wrong-headed, backward, unscientific or just dead wrong automatically protects

    and preserves it so that it can eat away at the culture and the society like a deadly acid.

    After all, they already want "equal time" teaching creationism alongside evolutionary biology. What next? Astrology? Voodoo? Leeches and Bloodletting in medical schools?

    When you cannot draw the line against bronze age claptrap you are forced to hear it recited and believed by your own children and grandchildren.

    i.e. THE FUTURE.

  • Terry

    Tertullian in one of his lofty pronunciamentos stated with great authority:" Any woman who swallows semen in the course of oral sex is guilty of commiting cannibalism."

    Do any of us doubt the Watchtower's powerfully intellectual scholars--if they ever get around to reading it--will immediately agree?

    After all, it was they who declared a heart transplant to be cannibalism.

    Oh Wait--maybe they got this STUPID idea from Tertullian in the first place....only changing it a little.

    My point?

    Religion contaminates and seeks to warp and corrupt the reason of man so that what is nonsense and foolishness becomes an obvious truth. Then, the sheep who obey these dullard shepherds end up having every aspect of their lives controlled by stupidity and coercions!

    JW men ARE NOT ALLOWED to grow hair on their face!! Just think about that for a moment.

    Those in authority know there is not one good reason to prohibit a beard--but--they have the power to do it--and do it they shall!

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    sadly, this world has got political correctness rabies. those that are not infected are so god damn scared of the dogs that they will beat anything that moves.


  • designs

    Nothing says FkU to a JW like a full beard (12 years now).

  • Terry

    Amazing what will "offend" someone who thinks god is on their side and how little time they waste putting their shoe on your neck about it!

  • Terry

    Our life is a garden of sorts.

    We have to keep the damned weeds pulled or that's ALL there is.

    Reason can never sleep. It is our vigilant gardener.

    Some of us merely want to coast through life smelling the flowers. Sadly, it just won't work that way!

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    That does not surprise me in the least.....don't say mean things about terrorists Terry.

  • Terry

    In the raw definition of Terrorist we find the motive of creating fear, panic and alarm.

    Is that not a core value of the Armageddon theme running throughout the history of Watchtower false-date setting TRUTH?

    Where would they be without the carrot and stick? (Paradise/Armageddon)

    The fear of destruction at the hands of the pissed off avenging Jesus is the tool for driving bleating sheep into the boring Kingdom Halls in the first place.

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