JW Study...an update + a JW on FB - cringeworthy status updates

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  • uk_ex_jw

    Further to my previous post, this morning I have sent a PM on Facebook to this potential JW Study to see how his meeting went with the Elder's.

    Will keep you all informed on the outcome....

    On another note, there is a JW I can see on FB called Leroy S.

    Here are some of his status updates:

    LS: My Study was reluctant to pray at first, now I can't stop him!!! His love for Jehovah is growing such a beautiful thing to see!!!

    Another one:

    LS: No matter what sort of day you have, going to the meetings always makes everything better. You always come away refreshed ready for a new day!!

    This is the classic:

    LS: They want to know if he's still got it, they say rap's changed, they want to know how I feel about it - Dr Dre

    There are other quotes from Tupac, LL Cool J in between gloating about how many book's he's placed on the ministry and how he can't wait for Armageddon.

    I wonder if this Brother knows that Hip-Hop/Rap is frowned upon by the Society?

  • baltar447
  • Room 215
    Room 215

    LS's studay sounds like a real brainiac, fertile ground indeed for JWism.

  • uk_ex_jw

    Still no word from the study....I haven't been deleted off FB though, and he has been active on there, which is a good sign. Maybe he is pondering his options.

  • serenitynow!

    I think a lot of JWs are lying about the whole "the meeting was so refreshing" bit. I never felt that way, it was an obligation. Instead of having to run home after work to change and run to the meeting, it's refreshing to actually kick back and relax.

  • watson

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