Today it's the "search work" (from the july km)

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    Tomorrow the Search and Destroy work (you know, as Armageddon looms closer)

    11. Why is the search work an important part of the ministry?

    What to Say in the Search Work

    by the way, atlantis has made that km downloadable through this thread 2012 July Kingdom Ministry! (no this is not clickable)

  • therevealer

    And I just noticed that the thread has developed quite well on it's own.

  • blondie

    I remember when the WTS called the "meetings for field service" rendezvous.

    I remember the term "rendezvouz." My mom hated it. My dad was not a JW and a little paranoid. Imagine telling him that she was going to a rendezvous? It sounded like an assignation. That arrangement lasted barely a year.

    It is one of gnat things the WTS was fond of stressing and ignoring the camel things such as JWs "placing" magazines they hadn't read themselves.

    rendezvous [obs]
    A prearranged meeting place. The term formerly designated a place to meet for field service. The word is taken directly from the French language and is pronounced RON-day-voo. <<This week the rendezvous will be at the book study location.>>

    STORY: The reason for discontinuing the use of this term is probably because of its similarity to tryst, i.e., an agreement between lovers to meet. [164] One sister's unbelieving husband was upset whenever she told him she was headed off to a rendezvous, until he realized she didn't mean she was two-timing him.
  • therevealer

    Yup. They do like their new terms don't they. And the ubber witnesses loved correcting you when you forgot to use the latest terms.

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