Elder and Elderette- Jehovah Witnesses Who Renounce Their Parents, Do Ex-JWs And Fader's Pick Up Their Slack?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    How many stories do you know of where outstanding elders and elderettes abandon their JW practicing or non practicing parents? The Watchtower Society's Representives don't seem to mind, as long as the elders and eldettes apply their love to Watchtower Party Middle Management.

    What is meant by this, if you tell your parents "What I have that you might get benefit from, is Corban, it's dedicated to Watchtower "men of fame", so screw off Mom and Dad!" I will acheive more glory by helping the Circuit Overseer or District Overseer, they will glorfy me in front of my Congregation!"

    How do elders and elderettes not see the irony in their conduct, are they blind to the Holy Scriptures? If my parents supported me for thirty years, I suppose I might owe them something. This is not the case within the Circuit, you are able to dishonor your parents, disobey the Bible and have the Watchtower Organization bless you! Why?

    Fader's and Disfellowshiped and Apostates, how much slack have you had to pick up with your elderly sick parents? Were you JW friends or family too busy, or wicked to help care for your parents? You can remain in good standing, have parts on Circuit and District Assemblies, get invited to Bethel, International Assemblies, as long as you donate funds. "Money Cover's A Mulitude Of Sins" (W.T.S. Chapter 1:1)

  • flipper

    BUBBLEGUM APOTHESIS- Currently I have an older JW sibling and his wife who are out of town most of the week on kingdom hall remodel projects while my aged JW parents sit alone in their hometown as my brother seeks WT glory. He was an ex-Bethelite so he's a career WT organization man. To his credit he does check on my parents when he's in town, yet my wife and I live 5 hours away so physically it's not possible for us to be there throughout the week for my folks as my wife and I both work at our trades to earn a living. We do call my folks a couple times a week though to check in on them.

    I have heard of more severe cases though like you mention. It's disgusting. Good thread. Thanks for posting it. This happens way too much and much more than people are aware of. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • EmptyInside

    I have experienced this,in our family. I have a brother who lives five minutes away,literally. And when our father was ill and dying,he hardly even showed his face. While,our faded brother helped the most,and my mother and I doing most everything else.

    My mother is elderly and can't do all what she used to do. And my brother,while,not being a bad guy all in all,hardly visits or calls. I think he feels his duty ends with picking my mother up for the assemblies and conventions.

    And when I mention it to my mother,she always says,well,he is auxiliary pioneering this month,he's an elder,etc.

    This organization keeps one so busy,one doesn't have time for family or maintaining friendships,unless,you attend the same hall.

  • blindnomore

    I have one.

    Tom and Pam are in their 80's and living in a assistant living. They are members of a local JW congregation.

    They have 4-5 grown children along with many grandchildren. Among their family are included active, inactive and non JWes. Some lives in town some out of states. They are both very ill and infirm. They have local witnesses visiting them from time to time while they were out service so that they can count their service time. No one visit them any other time.

    Except this old friends, a DF'ed JW couple. In fact this couple are Tom & Pam's only primary, emergency contact. The couple who both work full time take elderly JWs to their doctors' appointment, errands, dinning out, inviting home for home cook meal, etc. Besides, check on the elderly JWs 2-3 times weekly.

    The local congregation didn't have any problem shunning this DF'ed couple but do not have any problem the couple taking care of their own. This erderly JWs have extended family serving an elder, pioneers,(all with no children to take care of) in the local congregation. None of these JWs family are never availble to take care of the older couple. Even the coordinator of BOE knew whole situation including the DF'ed couple being only emergency contact number for their own elderly JWs and yet he could care less as long as he did not have to do it.

    Sometimes this DF'ed couple couldn't accomodate their working schedule to elderly JW's doctor appointments that they contact the coodinator for assistance. The coodinator never return their phone calls and leave it all as if their own elderly JWs are this DF'ed couple's responsibility only. The one of the DF'ed couple have to leave job site in last minute without a choice in order to take this poor folks to their appointment while the elderly's own family sit around home(they are all either selfemployed or part time workers) or aimlessly driving around the territory out service.

    In the meantime the elderly couple and DF'ed couple become like family. (under any other senario this elderly couple would have been witch hunted by BOE for associating with DF'ed. Remember 92 year old JW got DF'ed in one of the Ray Franz' book?)

    What a sad situation!

  • mamalove

    I cannot imagine how stressful and irritating this would be! I guess my JW sister can care for my mom, and I can care for my DF dad. One for each. Rather convenient.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    This demonstrates their minds are short circuited, mindless cult followers like the "flower children cult" ( Hare Krishnas) of the 1960s Neo Christian Cults 1970s :

    A resurgence of interest in Christianity in the 1970s led to the Jesus People movement, which sponsored Bible studies and revivals. Several of its groups established communes. Out of this cult came the Family of Love, better known as the Children of God. A highly controversial group, the Children of God borrowed features from the Christian holiness movement. The cult was accused of recruiting by brainwashing and through a technique" http://www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Cults.aspx

    How were cults sucessful at creating mindless zombies? Leaders would starve the brain of protein, followers were starving and easy to lose their volition. (Starving people of Critical Thinking, College Educations, forced feed the same material week after week, that's the WTS method of mind control! If you tell a lie long enough, you will eventual believe it yourself!)

    Cults desired their members to avoid contact with family members, the cult leader's fear of loosing mind control over their members.

    It makes no sense, I was naive and young, I thought this group actually was functional, how wrong I was!

    My time would be better spent pondering "What is the sound of one hand clapping?", instead of question why so many JWs have no love for one another, it's all for appearance! Sometimes I think some of Rick Fearon's methods, although contraversial, would shed some light on these methods of darkness.

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