THE LIBERATED HEART Valerie Acuff (ex-jw, jw for 24 years)

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    Valerie Acuff Announces New Book "The Liberated Heart"


    Monday, May 7, 2012

    A "must read" for anyone involved in a cult or controlling relationship or anyone with a friend or relative in that situation. This book gives practical help and guidelines with insight and first hand experience by the author.

    (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

    What sets The Liberated Heart by Valerie Acuff apart from the many books on cults and controlling relationships is the focus on the heart of the individual caught up in the control of others and the steps needed to rebuild life once the person has the courage to leave. Valerie states in her book that she lived for 24 years inside the Watchtower as one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Her story is not unique, but her ability to rebuild her life and move into relationships of the heart instead of rules to obey is an encouragement to everyone who is either in a similar situation or who knows someone who is. Practical help is given to the person who has the courage to leave any controlling situation to take back authority over their life and to make that life one of purpose and fulfillment.

    "The Liberated Heart" is the result of hundreds of people urging Valerie to put on paper the words she had been sharing publically in the US, the UK and many other countries around the world. Those words helped to free people from abusive relationships, controlling cults and lives driven by the rules imposed on them by others. Valerie has taken one of the dramatic stories of her own life and focused on what she learned in a way that gives hope and inspiration to those who read it. From 1960 to 1984 Valerie was an active member of Jehovah's Witnesses. According to many reports from those who have left, this organization exerts a powerful controlling influence on its members. Her story, as related in "The Liberated Heart" does not dwell on the negatives (although it does give an extensive list of the rules imposed on its members), but rather, she tells us how people get caught up in these kinds of relationships and religions and gives ways to identify the symptoms of any relationship or organization that may be controlling with rules and regulations and limiting life for those who are involved. How does someone get caught up in a controlling relationship or belief system (commonly called a "cult")? What are some of the symptoms someone will see in their life to help them identify they are in this situation? How can that person reclaim their life and move back into friendships and relationships based on love and respect? And, how can we help those we care about who are caught in this trap? These are some of the questions answered in this book in plain and easy language. The most refreshing aspect of this book is its encouragement to the reader to explore all avenues of philosophy and thought and not directing them to any particular one.

    Valerie Acuff makes her home in the North of England. She can be reached at wvacuff(at)aol(dot)com.

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