Will the real ((( Apostates))) stand up?

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  • witchtowerwitch

    The real apostates are all of the members of the witness organization ok!We exes out here never falsely prophecied or blasphemied God or his holy spirit,but they did 1 million times over.Remember Jesus words,,,,,,,,,,,,in the last days many will come and say,,,,i am the Christ,i am He.Lord lord,did we not prophecy in your name,expell demons,and perform many powerful works in your name.Jesus said to them,,,,,,get away from me you workers of lawlessness,did he not?

  • WTWizard

    An apostate is a person or group of people that splits off from a religious belief, renounces it, and takes another belief path. The witlesses did this, including from the Seventh Day Adventists. Those groups stem from the same argument that the end was coming in 1874--itself a splinter group from a similar argument about the end that started in the mid 1800s. That was itself a splinter of mainline Protestant, itself a splinter off from Catholicism. You trace it back far enough, and you find nothing but rubbish at the top--lending to more different kinds of rubbish to explain the failure of the whole paradigm.

    And it continues. When Russell died, Boozerford further corrupted the religion. It resulted in more splinter groups, one of which became the religion so many are trapped in today. There are still those who believe what Russell believed in, and there are still those believing what Boozerford believed in at the time he died. And I believe there will be more major rifts in the religion as more prophecies fail, and people start thinking for themselves. As the Age of Aquarius exposes these lies (through independent thinking), you are going to see more and more people bashing what used to be taboo. It will ultimately splinter the witless religion into major pieces, as groups of like-thinking people split off from the main religion.

    No, the apostasy among faithful witlesses is not finished yet.

  • wasblind

    Why then, do you call me ' Lord , Lord ' but do not do the things I say!!!! ( Luke 6:46 )

    You will recieve power when the Holy Spirit arrives upon you, and you will be witnesses of me ( Jesus )...to the most distant part of the earth. ( Acts 1: 8 )


    " Jehovah's Witnesses: The worldwide christian society of people who actively bear witness regaurding Jehovah "_____Reasoning book page 199


    " Anyone who publicly witnesses about Jehovah is usually identified as belonging to the one group " Jehovah's Witnesses"_____Reasoning book page 199


    " If someone says:

    Christians are supposed to be witnesses for Jesus, not Jehovah

    You might reply: Of whom was Jesus the faithful witness ? "_________reasoning book page 208

    The true apostates dont' listen to Jesus

  • maccauk11

    You cant be an apostate if you still believe in Jesus and follow him after you left an organisation. Its like being a love rof football you support one team but decide to stop going to watch them you still love football. You may then decide to go watch another team

  • wasblind

    After the death and the resurrection of Jesus, he was given the authority in Mtatthew 28: 18

    to be able to tell folks in Acts 1: 8 to be witnesses of him

    Isaiah 43 : 10 does not override that authority given to Jesus by the father

    A.H. Rutherford, an " imperfect man " made the decision in 1931 to overide that God given authority

    and thus becoming apostate

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    It makes it much easier to read.

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