More Publishers requires MORE Watchtower buildings ALL OVER THE WORLD.

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  • Alfred

    Kindom Ministry 1970

    Branch Letter

    Dear Kingdom Publishers:

    The 1970’s have arrived! What will this decade mean to Jehovah’s witnesses? When we look back we see that 1959 closed with 803,482 publishers in the world, and 1969 closed with 1,256,784 publishers. In ten years Jehovah’s witnesses increased by 453,302 publishers. That is truly remarkable! But during just the past service year, 1969, the total average of publishers increased over the previous service year of 1968 by over 100,000! Will this rate of increase continue in the 1970’s? Without question the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is preparing for such increase with the purchase of new property in Brooklyn, buildings that are equal in total space to the four factory structures that it already had. So, evidently the Society expects things to expand rapidly, and to keep pace with the increase 100,000 publishers in a year’s time requires more buildings all over the world.

    In addition to what we have purchased in Brooklyn, we are finishing a large printing plant in Thun, Switzerland. We recently enlarged the Bethel home in Wiesbaden, Germany, remodeling the top floor of the home there and putting in more bedrooms. Chile has just put the roof on their large new branch office and missionary home. And the reports coming in from all over the world show marked increases.

    Truly, things are happening! Did you notice that here in the United States we again had new all-time peaks in the number of both congregation publishers and regular pioneers in November? All of us who have dedicated our lives to do Jehovah’s will want to keep active in the field, helping people to take their stand on Jehovah’s side. This includes showing them the importance of associating with us in our Kingdom Halls. It will not be long before these, too, will be deciding to dedicate their lives to Jehovah.

    So what will 1970 bring? Will it mean another 100,000 regular publishers on the average? The 1970 Yearbook has now been shipped out to all the congregations and to the branches in all parts of the world, and the brothers will be thrilled when they read the report, for they will see the marvelous witness that was given in but twelve months’ time. Readers of The Watchtower will also enjoy a summary of this report in the January 1, 1970, issue. Many, we hope, will want to know why Jehovah’s witnesses are so energetic and active, and, if it be Jehovah’s will, they will associate with us in the 70’s, sharing in the house-to-house work, making back-calls on interested people, starting Bible studies with those who really want to know, aiding them to be disciples of Christ Jesus.

    This is another year in which we will keep our eyes on the text for the year, and, together, all of us will try to follow out this admonition so positively stated by Christ Jesus, namely, “Go therefore and make disciples . . . baptizing them.” (Matt. 28:19) May all of you have that pleasure before 1970 ends.

    Your brothers,


  • Alfred

    Sorry... that's Kingdom Ministry January 1970

  • cedars

    I see where you're coming from Alfred. Obviously things have changed since 1970, but not so much that the logic used in this article wouldn't still be applicable. Back then, publisher growth = more buildings. These days, publisher growth = branch closures, and sell as many buildings as possible, slashing eye-watering amounts off the asking price if required for a quick sale.


  • illoowy

    Must be new light that makes them do a 180 on the idea that more publishers requires more buildings all over the world. The way they've been closing branches and merging congregations so they can sell off Kingdom Halls, clearly manifests that the Governing Body has gotten a flash of new light these latter days. Perhaps it's the glinting filthy lucre they've found out they can accumulate by cashing in properties that the rank and file paid for out of their meager living.

  • minimus

    Funny how some things just don't change!

  • MrFreeze

    That's how you know the Dubs are in a downward slide. They keep adding more members and less branches. Something has to give at some point. I'm guessing membership will start to actually decline. Praise be to the internet!

  • factfinder

    I guess Jehovah is just not blessing them anymore?

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

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