"You Will Be Objects Of Hatred" in the Kingdom Hall?

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  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    Jehovah's Witnessses are inculcated how loving they are to one another through the magazines, platform talks, and back slapping among the "shiney happy tier 1" players. There are those here, who have experienced hatred while attending the Kindom Halls. How come this hatred is never touched on in magazines, why are we painted as "the most loving people on earth"?

    1. As a Witnesses of Jehovah, do you experience a love that transcends all, in the brotherhood, are these people there for you?

    a. Sisters when you were depressed, how much love and attention was showered on you, how long till these "life long" friends took off?

    b. Single sisters, unbelieving mates, how many of your kids walked out the Kingdom Hall door, never to return, and never to have any elder or servant check, what happed?

    2. Are your elders "taking care of Jesus little sheep", would they notice if you stopped coming, if so, how long would it take for your "personal overseer" to notice, your gone, your history, adios!"

    3. When your Circuit Overseer came for his last visit, how much of his talk was about "Love and doing good, especially towards those in the faith!" or was his theme about, "your hours are lower their the national average, spend less time on recreation, more on preaching, don't even thing of arrogantly attending a institue of higher learning".

    4. If you have not attended meetings in some time, how are those "friends "(you know, those crazy suckers you drove around in field service, the ones who called you when they "needed", need to borrow your truck, need you to move your pioneer from low cost housing to some old widow's gargage.-

    -The friends" who needed you to cook at funerals, weddings, clean up x-circuit overseer's Bills house, ones that you helped find jobs or provide work to. "the friends" calling late at night, "My pipe is broken, Fido ran off, little Jammie is masterbating!" Friends you gave money to, so they could buy food, pay rent or afford a luxury (Pay their bankruptcy attorney)) treating you?

    Friends who wasted hours of your time, listening to useless tales of marriage, life and family ramblings)

    How often do you hear from your conditionally loving friends?


  • WTWizard

    And it is worse for those brought into the hard line. Get rid of all your music and hound everyone else to, or object because someone's conscience allows them to listen to Led Zeppelin and yours doesn't thanks to the scumbag that dragged you into the cancer, and you are asking to be rejected for being a killjoy. Hound children to get baptized because they are leaving age 6 behind and are not yet baptized, the same result. You should never EVER commit until YOU are ready. Hound them to pious-sneer, or keep them out in field circus long after they want to go in, same result.

    To compare with the entity they bash the most vigorously, Satanists are not asked to commit until they are actually ready. Those who believe right-hand path religion is rubbish and have had bad experiences will be ready faster than those who merely doubt right-hand path religion and are looking at the left-hand path merely for its benefits. You must be POSITIVE that what you are renouncing is rubbish, or you should not commit. You must be POSITIVE that the cost is less than the benefit, and if what you are giving up is worth something, it has to be much less than what you gain. Otherwise, you are only going to wonder if it really was a good idea. It can take a couple of weeks if you already know right-hand path is rubbish, have seen much dirt on it, and you have a profound hatred for it already. Or, it can take 20 years or more if you are merely curious about the left-hand path and don't have resources to do the in-depth research. Satan doesn't expect anyone to commit before they are ready, even if it takes 20 or more years.

    Logically, people need to do the same thing before dedicating to Jehovah. And, this goes especially for children. However, unlike Satan, Jehovah doesn't like people doing the research on their own. And, Jehovah expects people to commit before they are ready. Are they really sure that what they are renouncing is really rubbish or worth less than what they gain? Are they being lied to to get them to think they are gaining much more than they really are? There is no chance to do this research--unlike Satan, Jehovah expects people to start applying peer pressure to dedicate once a child reaches 6 (usually, increasing it around the age of 10 or 12). Recruits are expected to dedicate within a year--unlike Satan, who is patient and understands if it takes more than 20 years (or never come to that point at all). And, usually they are given incomplete and inaccurate information to go by, resulting in more broken promises. And later regrets.

  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    It's scarry when your Circuit Overseer is warning brothers and sisters, to "avoid studying the Watchtower in modest gatherings, don't become involved in apologetics, deep researching on off topic subjects, the Slave has already provided" If your Organization is a "love based" group, why fear brothers and sisters studying and upbuilding each other. Unless you are afraid they might uncover a spiritual cemetary filled with bones?

    Do non-perferential Witnesses even know there is a caste system, might they benefit to read "The Commentary Of The Book Of James", and learn what Jesus Christ expected, It's about Love Dude!

    THE ISSUE IS "LOVE IS THE IDENTIFYING MARK" Not Neo Legalism, You Owe Jehovah So Much, More Preaching, Less Slacking! Preach, Noah Preached Non-Stop! Peach, your spiritual family is what matters, "Let The Dead Bury The Dead!" Preach And Just Maybe, You Might, It's A Slim Chance, You Might Receive The Ink Blot, And Be Saved! (Zeph 2).

  • Perry
    Jehovah's Witnessses are inculcated how loving they are to one another through the magazines, platform talks

    And the fruit of this incredible love of magazines and talks can be seen in wrecked lives of many of the children of JW's.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Witless love is always conditional and seasoned with backbiting hatred.

    I don't know how they think they'll EVER beat their swords into plow shears when their sword/knife is stuck in my back!

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