Depend on DEPENDENCY and you'll never have to think your own thoughts

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  • Terry

    You Can Depend on it

    A successful parent nurtures and educates their children to grow up independent, self-sustaining and motivated to create a successful life. Emotionally secure and intelligently informed children become outstanding adults well able to cope with the many challenges life offers.

    By sharp contrast, a parent who creates dependency in their child insures weaknesses that lead to failure. Such failure includes a sense of inadequacy and fear. Such a person is constantly asking for reassurance, craves enabling and suffers depression and negativity surrounding their hopelessness.
    It is easy to see the differences in the independent person from the dependant one!

    Unable to break free from being coddled, spoon-fed assistance or constantly supported financially the dependent person may be an adult in years but a mere child both emotionally and responsibly.
    Why would any parent create and reinforce DEPENDENCY when it only leads to an inferior life for their child? What father or mother wants the ongoing role of being advisor, therapist, counselor or cheerleader for the entire life of their son or daughter?

    Would God be such a parent?

    Would an Almighty and Supreme Being really desire an eternal umbilical cord? Or, would it not be an indication of benevolent love for a Living God to create independent beings well able to make their own way using their own intelligence and following their own ambitions for a good life well lived?
    When we look at ancient Judaism as a model of God's idea of perfect structure for humanity in daily life, spiritual practice and social interactions a stunning lack of encouragement for independent thought is to be found!

    Instead, the specially "chosen people" who carried the badge of honor representing the one True God found themselves in constant dependency to His divine Law.
    Every facet of daily life was ruled by an iron clad boundry of Good and Evil, Right and Wrong followed by severe punishments, fines and strictures as consequence of failure. Further, to even have any standing at all with the Lawgiver God a constant dependency on the rituals of Priesthood administration dogged their every weakness.

    The heavenly Parent was bound and determined to insure no Jew would fail to be reminded of their inadaquacies, failings, limits and core worthlessness! Truly, the God of the Jews was an enabler of Dependency in the extreme. Is it any wonder the Jews failed constantly to keep such a bilateral relationship with their God even as a Covenant people?

    Jesus as an enabler, or, Liberator?

    Yet, as scripture would inform us, when the promised Messiah of Judaism arrived to fulfill the letter of the Law, even He would be accused and bullied by the religious adminstrators as a poor representative of any special insights or behaviors which might supercede that written law.
    Why? Dependency on written codes and laws short-circuits the ability of humans to exercise good judgement! Black and White thinking leads to imperious Authority rather than reasoned practices.

    Understanding is swept away because skeptical thinking and independant thought is viewed as a real threat to traditions and ancient practices. Change is not possible because nothing may BE changed!
    Jesus did not so much encourage mere dependency on the Law for a perfect life as he did point to a kind of internal guidance system of benevolent concern for the real personal identity within each human. If each person treated others as he himself desired to be treated--what Law was necessary? But, the religious community in Judaism feared anarchy from such independent thought.

    The stifled and cosseted narrowness of Judaism easily broke down and gave birth to sectarian differences. Rivalries for authority led to factions and contentious challenges for orthodoxy.
    The wedge of Christianity drove into the brittle surface tensions of Judaism and a rift soon followed. Each sect found something useful or reprehensible to react to or follow. Opinions abounded as did versions of word-of-mouth observations on what might be beneficial or worthless about Jesus as a revolutionary founder of an innovative Judaism.

    But, DEPENDENCY is a habit hard to break! Instead of being a true LIBERATOR, Jesus and christianity created a new kind of bondage. Set free from the Law per se, Christians were bound to a weird viral yoke of self-perfectionism. As Jews they merely paid for a sacrifice to reboot a sinful reputation by each offered goat, dove or bullock as they went. Dependant on the Priest's ministrations for absolution.
    Under Jesus, however, once forgiven of all wrongs for all time the lapse into feckless behaviors brought an unforgivable status horrific in consequence: the sin against Holy Spirit! A truly "forgiven" christian would have to continue in perfection until his reward on the other side of death.

    How could a forgiven human DEPEND on perfection?? They couldn't achieve perfection in the first place!

    It was impossible, alas and only a headlong rush into the Advent of a returning Jesus to cleanse the world and establish a new kind of administration could stave off a deadly scourge for accumulated sinfulness! It was best to die a martyrs righteous death than to hang around sinning against the Holy Spirit for very long!
    The temple and the Priesthood was destroyed by the Romans leaving no ritual forgiveness possible!

    The Catholic policies cobbled together a new Administration of ritual "forgivers" or priests mimmicking the efficacy of the Jewish Priesthood (which was supposed to have been only a shadow of Christ's benefactions). Taking Communion and receiving benedictions eased the panic of non self-perfecting souls. Wholly dependent once again, Jews converted to a "system of salvation ritual" in the new Judiasm: Christianity. Others lapsed into mystical reinvention.

    Modern Christianity waffles between the Puritan longing for a shining city on a hill of perfection and the practical goofiness of Baptist shrugging brags: "once saved, always saved".
    Evangelicals busy themselves with perfecting YOU and wallow in their own smirky guarantees of heavenly habitation. But, are they free of both guilt, sin and ritual dependence?
    Cults, denominations, Fundamentalists and their minions are entirely dependant yet and still!
    They depend on absolute Truth. The black and white unshakable conviction they are entirely Right.
    Knowing and proclaiming such Absolute confidence purges them simultaneously of both guilt and intelligent curiousity.

    Christianity is a brand of Dependency in which the human mind depends on the assurance it is always 100% correct in all important matters!
    How can this be achieved? Mystical revelation. The spirit of Gawd Almighty whispers to their own human spirit and, Presto!
    Pagans would declare it "Magic", but, true Christians shudder at such blasphemy!
    No, their God guides them in all ways, thoughts and performances.
    They depend on it!
    How, when, why?
    Only a weak, sinful, imperfect soul would even ask such an annoying question!!

    Just open your heart, your mind and your wallet and the INFORMED will take care of the rest.

    YOU CAN DEPEND on it!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Very true on multiple levels. Adult dependent children are frequently in denial of their dependency. The way society has certain expectations around churches reinforces dependency in this error. Those of us who were born-in heard we were not capable of reading the Bible ourselves. We did not study the Bible but WT literature. I was quite old before I realized the Bible could be read in consecutive verses in much the manner as other books. Many educated Anglicans shock me when they say they need a special heavy duty aid to Bible understanding when I suggest they just read the Bible as they would a novel and ask what they believe the writer is saying. It shocks me.

    Through the history of the Church, this battle between orthodoxy/discipline, power and free thinkers waged. Galileo is a prominent example. I finished reading a biography of Margaret Sanger, who started the modern birth control movement. The overreaching by religion is rampant.

    What is the solution though? We are preaching to the choir here. I keep repeating this but the presence in the WTBTS of doctors, lawyers, architects, and scholars is shocking to me. These people have documentation that they can think. Yet for religion they evidently carve out an exemption. In my own life, the smugness and certainty that I had as a Witness was comforting on an immediate level. Thinking created tension I did not know how to resolve at first. Although I am active in Anglicanism, I completely lack any assurance. I did not want to be baptized and confirmed with such grave doubts so I met with one of the first female priests who was also a psychoanalyst. She asked me to describe love in detail. Why do I love my mother, siblings, and bfs? I had no clue. I just did. She also asked if I watched TV shows, read books, the same way I did as in preschool. Of course, not. I was baptized and confirmed.

  • Terry

    At the bottom of my e-mails I've attached a little script that reads:

    "What you believe in you never think about again".

    Meaning, of course, that we aren't skeptical of our foundational thoughts.

    In religion, skepticism is a bad word. It is a threatening concept.

    "How DARE YOU question the Governing Body!?" is the implied thought behind the very preoccupation with stifling criticism or asking for clarifications.

    The GB and the Watchtower in general are dedicated to the core idea that you MUST DEPEND on everything they print___as though___it were

    worthy of action without question.

    I'd say the best reply to the notion "How Dare You Question the Governing Body?" would be this:

    "The same way I dare believe everything they say: by thinking about it in the first place!"

  • Perry

    Jesus did not so much encourage mere dependency on the Law for a perfect life as he did point to a kind of internal guidance system of benevolent concern

    for the real personal identity within each human.


    I know you mean well. But that is just not true. Jesus promoted a radical abandonment of self not an embracing of self....and not as a means of by passing law, but as a means of personally being able to live the Law. The guidance system that you speak of is felt by every born again believer. It is the new spirit. The origination of this impetus cannot be claimed by any real believer as his own because he KNOWS its origin is foreign.

    If each person treated others as he himself desired to be treated--what Law was necessary?

    None. And that's the point. But can people do this? And besides that - there is a higher standard. What if a person loved falsehood? There's no shortage of lairs. Should a person be penalized for lying to others if he himself is OK with lying and being lied to? Isn't he treating others as he is treated?

    By contrast, people that entered into the blood covenant with Jesus experienced not only the impetus to treat others as they would like to be treated, they were also possesssed by the Holy Spirit, who guided them into the ways of truth that may at times loom largess in the light of the golden rule, even negating it, because of its confrontation with larger truths.

    But, the religious community in Judaism feared anarchy from such independent thought.

    All humanity, in their flesh, is utterly opposed to the personal crucifixation necessary and called for by Jesus.

    "He that seeks to find his life will lose it. He that loses his life for my sake shall find it."

    "Care nothing for your souls"

    "So likewise, whosoever he be of you that forsaketh not all that he hath , he cannot be my disciple.
    Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be seasoned?
    It is neither fit for the land, nor yet for the dunghill; but men cast it out. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear."

    The above doesn't jive with the brands of christianity that make Jesus out to be some cosmic psycho self-help therapist. Neither does the below:

    John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
    John 3:7 Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.
    1 Peter 1:23 Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

    Yet, that is what Christianity is and anything other brand is simply a waste of time. The problem with what most of us did is that we gave to man, what is only due to God. Even when we gave it to God, it wasn't first through the new covenant with his Son as he directed.

  • talesin

    "What you believe in you never think about again".

    Agreed. It's in the file, under "lessons learned in therapy". I prefer Johnny's way "I just believe ... in me."


  • WTWizard

    All right-hand path religions share this rubbish. Judaism has its Jehovah and the Mosaic Law--depending on someone else to determine your decisions. Christi-SCAM-ity has its Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount (which is usually taken literally, to the detriment of everyone) and its Paul (a prominent Jew, even a former Pharisee, with a reputation for pretending to be one thing to mislead society into slavery). Paul advocated homophobia and misogyny, and hinted that slavery was acceptable (the whole of Philemon is ordering a slave to return to his master). Islam has its Allah, with its own rule book and people to make their decisions for them. Sharia Law is the ultimate in Islam. The Talmud is the ultimate Jewish law, while the Law of St Benedict is the flagship of Christi-SCAM-ity.

    Once you break free of this, you have to do your own thinking. Atheists have no spiritual guidance at all, and depend solely on left-brained thinking. This is a big improvement on right-hand path religion. Satanists have Satan and his demons to guide them--with their reputation toward liberating us. (Right in Genesis 3:1-6, you read that Satan became mankind's Savior by blowing the whistle on Jehovah's tyranny). As such, Satan advocates each of us doing our own thinking--responsibility to the responsible is the key doctrine. This allows great latitude for people to think. Again, they are required to do independent thinking. This is not for the person that wants or needs someone to make every decision for them--if you are not comfortable in making your own decisions without someone hounding you, Satanism is not for you.

    I, for one, value independent thinking. Even though sometimes I get lazy and put things off, even though sometimes I get misled and need to do additional research, that is better than letting someone else do all your thinking. You learn from bad decisions, mistakes, and wrong thinking. You correct it, see if it has better results and goes along with emerging belief systems, see if those emerging belief systems are really better than the ones they replace, experiment, and experience the results. No, this is not perfect--nor is happiness guaranteed (you could be still in error, make a bad decision, be already too far gone because of external influences, or those filthy angels and those they influence could create an environment that is not conducive to happiness). But, if you stay in right-hand path religion, you are guaranteed to be unhappy, even miserable, as the leaders profit from your misery. And, who knows? Stay in right-hand path religion, and you may even have the dishonor of contributing to mass human enslavement under the worst of the Law of St Benedict and the worst of Sharia Law. Right during the enlightening Age of Aquarius. The religion is not worth the shame and guilt.

  • Terry

    The received text gives a description of God's thinking, Jesus' thinking and the gestalt of how humanity is impacted by sin.

    This text may well be the thoughts of man attributing God.

    The proof is in the pudding.

    Compare the exploits of men WITH the Law of Moses and the exploits of non-Jews entirely without such guidance. There is little difference.

    The SPIRITUAL superiority is not there at all.

    This is true of Christianity as well. Christianity has not produced better humans with better behaviors.

    It has produced smug self-assured pontificating know-it-alls eager to "set you straight" with absolute language.

    What HAS benefited humanity is not SPIRITUAL grasp of absolute Truth.

    It is advancements in real knowledge of a mundane and practical nature.

    The Germ Theory of disease has done more than the Ten Commandments to ease suffering and save lives, for example.

    As we Baby Boomers age there is a strong impulse to seek refuge in pretty words and spiritual comforts.

    But, what eases our burden is Medical Science.

    Technology has come from no spiritual experts at all. Heart bypass, laser surgery, antibiotics, nutrition, digital communication, computing are not the by products of minds bathed in the afterglow of God so much as they are practical applications of rational thinking.

    Those who DEPEND on ancient texts for freedom from worldy woes can easily perish from ignorance of the world around them.

    Enlightenment is illusory:

    Fool thyself.

  • Perry

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