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  • joel

    Anybody ever talk sports around here!???

    Go Kobe n Shaqdaddy!
    Caaan yoooou diiiig iiiiit!!!!


  • Seven

    Joel, What's up with what Jim Rome was discussing on The Last Word a few days ago-a feud going on between Kobe and Shaq about who's da man?
    They can't be serious. Kobe wants out? Please shine some light on this. Thanks.


  • mommy

    I met Shaq in Orlando that man is HUGE!!! He did alot for area kids. Very nice guy:)
    I don't follow the games much just a plug for ALL professionals who take time to give a little back:)

  • VeniceIT

    Ciao Joel,

    AHHHH Basketball, I was a huge fan in high school Rockets were my team. I had a thing for Robert Horry, and well that's why I'm glad the Lakers one last year. Kobe's awesome!!! Haven't wathced much basketball at all this year, been a little busy if you know what I mean. Getting Df'd and moving accross the country. I'll watch the play offs at least. Then next year, maybe!!!

    What have I missed,


  • peaceloveharmony

    I'm a sports fan and i say go t'wolves!! they had a tough off season with the death of malik sealy and the joe smith fiasco but we (my b-friend and i) bought season tickets and try to make it to every home game to cheer on Kevin Garnett and the wolves.

    what do you think about kg? do you think he is good, the next michael jordan? i think he is awesome. he has the best smile:)

    ok bye!

    love harmony

    ps--i am also a vikes fan and i just have to say--were the hell were they last sunday???????????????

  • joel

    Well thanx for the responses guys...errr ladies Whassup with that!

    Sevenofnine---no worries with Shaq n Kobe...that aren't goin' anywhere with the contracts they got...plus Jerry West was brought in to smoooooth things over...media loves this stuff.
    Big Romey fan too...I listen to his radio show most days...He lives by me so I see him n the wife at some breakfast places we both go to.
    Yup...I'm a Clone!

    mommy---I've met Shaq too...yup..he's big alright...met Kobe too..got him to sign his card for me...cool guys!

    Ciao V...like Horry too...he's done nothing but help the Lakers...Love the Dream...he is my favorite centr of all-time...and ya know the Laker have had some good ones!

    harmony---sad stuff has been happenin to your wolves ...luv KG's game and his personality...but I think Kobe is closer to the next Michael than KG...he's got more freedom to do his thing!

    Thanx again gals!


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