Australian Football player Alex Rance

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  • Mattieu

    How can I describe Alex Rance? If I was from the UK or Europe, imagine your best Football Goal Keeper. If from the USA, imagine your best Defence player in the NFL. If from South America, imagine your best looking F1 driver. This guy (no I’m not gay – not that there is anything wrong with that Jerry) is the complete package, good looking, extreme athlete and is Australia’s number 1 rated footballer (AFL) playing for the Richmond Tigers.

    Yet since late 2012 he has kept a secret from his management, family and football club team. He has been studying with Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have convinced him he has found the “truth”. During that confusing time, he has also had to put up with male and female stalkers (no different from any other celebrity I suppose). Yet his bible study conductor has convinced him that it’s all part of Satan’s plans to distract him from the truth.

    He was ready for baptism (his own words) in 2014, though the body of elders in his eastern suburbs congregation in Melbourne said no, as long as he was playing competitive sport, he wasn’t eligible.

    You could not meet a more sincere guy than Alex Rance. So to honour his AFL contract to his beloved club Richmond (which finishes at the end of 2015) he is playing every game like it’s his last. He is being offered multimillion dollar contracts as a free agent at the end of this year. He is saying no to everybody based on his religious beliefs. On Australia’s most watched Ch9 Footy Show tonight, it came out that he would not sign with any AFL team due to “outside influences”.

    Keep in mind that this guy is an All Australian Footballer. We haven’t see anyone like him in 30 years (I’m thinking Bruce Doull, for those of you playing at home).

    They refused to name that outside influence as JW’s. That despite his teammate being a practicing Muslim, who the Richmond Football club and AFL have gone to extreme measures to accommodate his beliefs. But sadly for Alex Rance, the club and the AFL want to accommodate his JW beliefs’, but the JW’s don’t want to accommodate Alex AFL aspirations.

    What’s even sadder, is the fact that the reason the elders keep telling Alex Rance that he cannot continue to play AFL is that it promotes self-glory and only god deserves that glory. Yet his bible study conductor continues to promote himself around Melbourne as “Alex Rance bible study conductor” and the other elders in his cong keep saying “Alex is in my congo”. And I’ve heard 2 of his elders loudly pronounce “I went through the baptism questions with Alex”…. Poor Alex Rance has no idea what he is giving up…..

    Hopefully, by the time Alex realises “the truth”, he will still have a few years left in him…. Go Tigers!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Can you supply a source for the info?

    If the guy had brains, he'd ask the Elders to produce a solid Bible principle; then he should ask why the governing body are promoting themselves as TV stars via JW Broadcasting and all their video-linked talks and posing with admirers who want to have their photo taken with a Glorious One!

    Hypocrisy at its worst!


  • Simon

    Wow, he's going to really regret that when he learns the real truth about the religion.

    Sad to see someone throw their opportunities away like that.

    Let's hope he realizes his mistake before it's too late.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Says here he's planning to go backpacking, eh? Why wouldn't he take this opportunity to preach?

    This would be quite the opposite of the Williams sisters who have no problem playing pro tennis and thanking Jehovah for their victories... and posing nearly naked for pictures.

  • truthseeker100

    Although I never heard of this guy before it sure seems tragic when you look him up.

    I find it hard to believe in today's internet connected world stuff like this still happens. I guess they don't have the internet in Australia then ??

  • prologos

    , he'd ask the Elders to produce a solid Bible principle; Searcher, right:

    like Cornelius having to resign from the army before baptism , or the many members of the pretorian guard.

    The elders should get a written GB confirmation of their denial decision and then be sued for the millions that he lost or potentially could lose, -- after all, who needs child-abuse cases when unscriptural goodies like this are in the pipeline?

  • konceptual99
  • freddo

    Phew! That was close.

    Now ... how to help him see the TTATT.

  • Splash

    That will offend the elders, that he ignored their 'wisdom' and counsel. I doubt they would refuse any of his "self-glory" riches though.

    They will get vindictive when he starts modeling underwear and releasing his own fashion/male products/grooming lines.

    Let's be honest, any of those elders would give a limb if they could earn what he does, but there's just not that much pay for low skilled manual labour.

  • Listener

    The attached news report provides some background information.

    His parents were introduced to the religion in 1989, about the time he was born. His father played AFL football and is a JW. It reports that Lance and his wife are JWs. His parents are supportive of him.

    My hubby, who follows AFL footy, suggested that since his contract was up for renewal it would have been a good tactic to up his price by suggesting that he might give up football.

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