First Aid @ the D.C.s -- could direction from Society cause them a lawsuit?

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  • tresdecu

    I posted about something similar 3 years ago when I first joined. Even though my attendance hasn't been great the last year or so, I was asked to help my bro in law in first aid this year at the convention.

    To make a long story short, the society has printed instructions for attendants to NOT cal 911 for an emergency. They are supposed to call attendants first.

    If a heart attack or strock patient died because, the bystander did not call 911 could the society be liable??

  • designs

    Now that you've brought it up and with the Wt. company lurkers they can kiss First Aid good bye.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    well the instructions will be burned, because they made themselves liable with that written direction. Wanna scan and post those instructions?

  • 2tone

    They would be liable 110%.

  • baltar447

    What posseses them to give this kind of assinine direction?

  • ex360shipper

    If I am not mistaken, they print this in the KM as well. I have always thought this was stupid myself. If I see someone get seriously hurt, particularly if it looks like a stroke or something I know that seconds matter and I am not going to wonder around looking for first aid to see if they have a $%#ing band-aid. I'm gonna call 911.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    If I saw someone having serious trouble, or get hurt, I'd be the first one to dial 911; when someone is having any sort of major medical issue seconds, not minutes, matter.

    And yes I think it will only take one small problem to toss these poor instructions right out the window; they are liable if someone does not get the medical care needed because attendees were told (directly by mother) not to call 911 and seek immediate help.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    anyone have a scan?

  • cyberjesus

    What posseses them to give this kind of assinine direction?

    ahhhh GOd talks to them.... remember?

  • Nice_Dream

    Right, I think I remember hearing about this. They didn't want too many people calling 911, and sometimes an ambulance was called that wasn't needed and it was an expense. If they are so concerned about money, they should have properly trained First Aid attendants there, not trainees.

    I know 3 brothers who were Ambulance attendants by profession, and because they weren't "spiritual enough," they were not asked to be first aid attendants at the conventions. They even offered and were declined. Instead, young JWs with little experience were in charge. I remember going to the First Aid section and got a deer in headlights response from the young adults working there.

    Fortunately, I think family members of someone in a medical emergency would call 911 instead of relying on the least I hope so!

  • ex360shipper

    District Convention Reminders

    ? Program Times: The program will begin at 9:20 a.m. all three days. The doors will open at 8:00 a.m. When the introductory music is announced, all of us should be at our seats so that the program can begin in a dignified manner. The program will conclude at 4:55 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and at 3:40 p.m. on Sunday.

    ? Parking: At all convention sites where we control the parking, the spaces will be available to attendees at no charge on a first-come, first-served basis. Only persons who have a state-approved disabled license plate or placard will be allowed to park in the area reserved for the disabled. Since parking is usually limited, carpooling should be done to the extent possible.

    ? Seat Saving: Seats may be saved only for those traveling with you in the same vehicle or living with you in the same home, as well as those with whom you are currently conducting a Bible study.—1 Cor. 13:5.

    ? Noon Meal: Please bring a lunch rather than leave the convention site to obtain a meal during the noon break. A small cooler that can be placed under a seat may be used. Large family-size picnic coolers and glass containers are not permitted in the convention facility.

    ? Donations: We can show our appreciation for the convention arrangements by making voluntary contributions to the worldwide work at our Kingdom Hall or at the convention. Any checks contributed at the convention should be made payable to “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

    ? Accidents and Emergencies: If a medical emergency arises at the convention site, please contact a nearby attendant, who will immediately notify First Aid so that our qualified first-aid personnel on-site can assess the seriousness of the situation and render assistance. If it is necessary, our first-aid personnel will call 911. This will prevent emergency-response services from receiving many cell-phone calls over minor matters.

    ? Footwear: Each year a number of injuries occur that are related to footwear. It is best to choose modest, well-fitting shoes that will allow one to walk safely on stairs, gratings, and so forth.

    ? Hearing Impaired: The program will be broadcast in the auditorium on an FM radio frequency. To receive it, you will need to bring a small battery-operated FM receiver with earphones.

    ? Recording: Recording devices should not be connected to the facility’s electric or sound system and may be used only in a way that does not disturb others.

    ? Baby Strollers and Lawn Chairs: Baby strollers and lawn chairs should not be brought to the convention site. However, child-safety seats that can be secured in a seat next to the parents are acceptable.

    ? Fragrances: Most conventions take place in enclosed areas with mechanical ventilation. Therefore, it would be loving on our part to limit the use of strong fragrances, colognes, and perfumes that may cause reactions in persons with respiratory or related problems.—1 Cor. 10:24.

    ? Follow-Up Forms: A Please Follow Up (S-43) form should be used to provide information regarding any interest from informal witnessing during the convention. Publishers should bring one or two follow-up forms to the convention. Completed forms may be submitted to the Book Room or given to your congregation secretary on your return.—See the November 2009 Our Kingdom Ministry, p. 4.

    ? Restaurants: Honor Jehovah’s name by your fine conduct at restaurants. It is customary to leave a 15 to 20 percent tip.

    ? Hotels: (1) Please do not reserve more rooms than you will actually use, and do not have more people stay in your room than what is allowed. (2) If you must cancel your reservation, notify the hotel immediately. (3) Take a luggage cart only when you are ready to use it, and return it immediately so that others may use it. (4) Do not cook in rooms where cooking is not permitted. (5) Leave a tip for the housekeeper each day. (6) Do not abuse any complimentary breakfast, coffee, or ice provisions that are made available for guests to use while they are at the hotel. (7) Display the fruitage of the spirit in dealing with the hotel staff at all times. They are caring for a large number of guests and appreciate our kindness, patience, and reasonableness. (8) The room rate shown on the Recommended Lodging List is the full price per day, excluding tax. If you are overcharged or billed for things you did not request or use, refuse these charges and inform the Rooming Department at the convention as soon as possible. (9) If a problem arises with your hotel room, inform the Rooming Department while at the convention so they can assist you.

    ? Volunteer Service: The happiness we gain from attending the convention will be even greater if we volunteer to assist with the necessary work involved. (Acts 20:35) Any who wish to do so should report to the Volunteer Service Department at the convention. Children under 16 years of age can also make a fine contribution by working under the direction of a parent or guardian or other adult approved by one of them.

  • mind blown
    mind blown


    That was an important issue that was brought up in Michael Jacksons case. His so called doctore waited and called someone else before calling 911. I know for a question, there's been other cases as well but I can't remember them off hand.

    Even in first aid/cpr classes they "stress" calling 911 first, then begin cpr or first aid.

  • ptt7000
  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I understand the frustration of the ambulance service when they receive a dozen calls for the same emergency. Too many looky-loos and nosey parkers who ought to just stay out of the way. However, telling people not to call, even in a true emergency, is dangerous and irresponsible.

  • ssn587
  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am shocked. How incredibly stupid and arrogant! I've said before that I think their lawyers are suspect. You can't be a good dub and a good lawyer.

    In NYC, people don't hesitate to call 911. Maybe some people will announce that they;ve already called 911 so add'l people don't tie up the lines. Here in rural PA, people are reluctant. My local laundromat has numerous fires. Well, I am not a fire expert. I can't tell how advanced it is or know how to make certain it has ended. I dial 911 and the crowd insults me. Well, I don't want a catstrophe on my hands. To make certain I was doing the right thing I called the local fire department and a NY firefighter. I was told I was 100% right and to never hesitate.

    They seem reluctant to realize that govt. is needed. First responders are essential. Will all fire disappear after Armageddon?

    The 911 dispatcher is trained and paid to prioritize items. J dubs are not trained. Oh, the horror. A JW down at a convention. Interrupting horrid prophecies. I am certain Witnesses have died at the convention. Literally, not just from boredom.

    Their liability will depend on state law. Imagine the PR debacle if someone dies or is hurt more b/c of inaction. Keep the people busy.

  • ex360shipper

    Band on the run -- I am pretty sure about 5 years ago a kid died at a convention. He either fell from a high section down or down a flight of stairs. I know I was an attendant the year after that and they were CRAZY at the attendant meeting with how they wanted us to be on the watch and all the rules they needed us to make sure were being followed.

    They still were focused on stupid stuff like ONLY USE ONE PAPER TOWEL WHEN YOU WASH YOUR HANDS!

    Jah is watching to make sure you are faithful in what is least!

  • JeffT

    Do JW's have an allergic reaction to common sense? If you seen some sort of emergency call 911. If there are a bunch of other people around, ask if anybody else made the call. If no one did, make the call. If somebody already made the call, don't call again. How hard is that?

    One time may neighbor's house caught fire. I called 911 as soon as they figured it out, 911 politely told me they'd already been called and I got off the line. Again, how hard is that?

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh boo hoo so 3 paramedics show up instead of one. What's the alternative?

  • Lied2NoMore

    Yea I have the same concern over this often announced restriction

    Hopefully one day someone is delayed treatment, and sues their asses off for such a negligent policy and puts a huge dent in the real estate scam coffers..Er..worldwide fund..

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