still not used to my parents totally shunning me...

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  • oompa

    thats all....its so hard...nobody should have to lose their parents twice............oompa

  • tec

    I'm sorry, Oompa. Nothing else to say but that. You're right. No one should have to lose their parents to something like this even once, much less twice.


  • usualusername


    I am sorry but do not understand your post.

  • misguided


    I am sorry...and I do understand your post...too well *hugs*

  • Morbidzbaby

    Ugh, so sorry oompa *hugs*. You're one should have to first lose their parents to a cult and then eventually lose them to the grave. Once is enough. I don't have nearly the relationship I had with my parents before, but my mom will at least speak to me when I call (and call me to make sure I'm okay when, say, a tornado passes through lol).

  • jamiebowers

    Oompa, I'm sorry you're hurting. But the pain of being shunned by your parents will eventually fade just as it does with any relationship that ends. As much as you may love them, due to cult mind control, they can't love you the way they should. That is an unhealthy situation, and toxic people have to be cut out of your life in order to achieve true happiness. It's been almost 24 years that my jw mom has shunned me. Although painful at first, it doesn't hurt anymore.

  • ziddina

    Hello, Oompa, it's good to see you again...

    I'm so sorry to hear that your family is shunning you again...

    I sincerely hope that they will have a change of heart, because they've got a wonderful son - you - and they would be missing out on being in contact with you at a time when they're aging and sure could use the presence of a loving, supportive son...

    My best hopes that they wake up and get back in touch with you again...


  • Quandry

    No, how could anyone get used to such a thing? So sorry this has happened to you.

    Parents bring children into the world and are supposed to be there to cherish them, pick them up when they fall, and above all love them no matter what.

    Perhaps you could send them a card that simply says, "Love never fails." The WTS expects them to turn it on and off at its bidding.

  • oompa

    i never shunned pretty much anybody when they were dfd...certainly never my says back in the day...the jewish day....children were stoned when rebelious....i was not even that....i just became a true beorean and looked dad is so logical...yet now i realize you lose the capacity to reason when you only look at one side....reasoning requires looking at all sides...all evidence.....oompa

  • blondie
    dad says back in the day...the jewish day....children were stoned when rebelious....

    But then Christians are not under the Mosaic Law. Under the Law adults were stoned for murder and adultery and working on the Sabbath; do they do that in the WTS?

  • NewChapter

    So sorry Oompa.

  • blindnomore

    Oompa, Isn't that interesting how JWs parents always use a horrid and negative guideline from the Old Testment to intimidate their children while ignoring a loving and positive example of Prodigal Son that found in the NT in helping their troubled offsprings? The JWs go back to the OT to support their harsh guidline and yet they claim Jesus nullified/fullfiled the Old Covenant and now they are under the New Covenant found in the NT.

    I used to say exact same thing to my children as your dad did. What a monstrous thing to say to your children! I was simple repeating the leaders of the cult ograrnization. There's no logic, reasoning, wisdon, loving in their barbarian teachings. I am glad you did not treat others in such way. I wish I was more like you while I was in but then I was a totally brain washed cult member... I feel your pain. I am sorry.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    I'm sorry.


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