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  • thomyorke

    Me and my friends have already organized "Association of former Jehovahs Witnesses."

    We want to stand for rights of ex-JW's, and those who are still suffer in Organization and almost blind.. Now we make some interviews on a television, take part in some lectures about how dangerous JW could be, keep in touch with "worldly" relatives, who want to save their family members...

    In Russia we still dont have a kind of psychological help, hotline or office. We planning to establish this. But we dont have any expirience in this way.

    Do you know some organizations, who already can provide such a help to ex-JW? And who are they- did they invite people to a new religion?

    (As for me, i am not participate in any religion... But for those who overtroubled still want to be a sheep... we can show them their flock: some of us became a members of tradional christianity, and they can drive them into that)

    It will be very interesting for me to hear from you about it!

    What kind of support such group can provide? Step by step...

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  • TOTH

    DNCall stole my thunder. Randy's site has LOTS of ionformation to help people to escape the clutches of the wt.

    BLESS you for all you are trying to accomplish!

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