Anonymous Letter Of Warning To Parent of Child Studying With JWs

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  • Bangalore

    Anonymous Letter Of Warning To Parent Of Child Studying With JWs.


  • TOTH

    I don't know how I woukld react if I got an anonymous letter like that. I think I would prefer to have the option to talk to the writer because they would KNOW what is going on with MY child. Let me know how things go with this.

  • usualusername


    None of the posts you have ever made have made any sense (lol) but I kind of agree with you on this one.


  • TOTH

    Usualusername...I am sure most folks feel as you do. I am a little bit on the fringe of all things known to man! LOL

  • FatFreek 2005
    FatFreek 2005

    That letter is some 16 years old but is spot on. New ones are at the mercy of ignorance that is nurtured by lack of Watchtower disclosure, early on, of so many important issues. THE GREAT WATCHTOWER CONTRADICTION, an 11 minute read, is another disclosure of sorts that helps newly interested ones unearth answers to questions they may never have otherwise asked. It also gives pause to seasoned JWs who will hope they never encounter such in door to door work.


  • sabastious

    That is a very good letter. I would highly recommend sending it to someone who is starting a study. The Witnesses are not very forthright about the total and eternal transformation required to become one of their true friends.


  • Kojack57

    Bangalore: I'm glad you posted that letter. Hopefully those who are allowing their young children to study for baptism will read this and reconsider sacrificing their children to this horrific CULT.


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