Feb 15,2012 wt p.8 Polish brother

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  • bobld

    When I read the article,it reminded of a new Amway recruit.Who bragged to his upline (big top pin) of how many Amway tapes he placed W/O realizing that it was a scam and his business support material (tapes) were a cash cow for his upline.

    Likewise, JW reading this article W/O realizing (ruling the roost) are scamming them.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Would you care to explain what was in the article that reminded you of the Amway salesman, please?

    Not all of us have access to the mags.

  • Sheep2slaughter

    All of us have access to the mags...JW.org. Just most if us don't want to read that mess. I personally like reading the cliff notes with a sprinkle of animosity, posted to this site!

  • bobld

    We all know how Amway works.It is all about the money.That mag went on to say....how one person would take orders for 2-300 books per week and return later on payday.

    That Polish bro could barely speak english yet he placed many booklets.What was his purpose, could he help them with the bible.$$$$$$$$.


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