Circumcision, Herpes, Hacidic Jews, and JWs...

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  • skeeter1

    Rita Swan is a woman who left the Christian Scientist-type group. She woke up to her cult after her baby died due to medical neglect.

    She has a foundation, "Children's Healthcare is a Legal Duty." The mission is to make sure children get healthcare, despite a parent's harmful religious mindset, and to stop religiously based child abuse. She has helped Jehovah's Witness children.

    "Chidlren's Healthcare is a Legal Duty" has a website at . Rita writes excellent newsletters and posts them there for people to read (newsletter archives tab).

    I was so moved by the last two newsletters, that I really think it's worth it to read. Please print it out (free) and read in the bathroom or bedside.

    "Victory in Oregon" newsletter

    This is about her and her husband's tireless campaign in the State of Oregon last summer. Together, they lobbied Oregon legislature to pass reforms to toughen the criminal penalties on parents who neglect their children. The stories are real cases, at the trial court mainly. Trial court material is hard to get as most legal publishing houses routinely provide opinions from appeals court on up. The cases are heart wrenching.

    "Parents Sentanced for Biblical Chastisement" newsletter

    This second newsletter has info on New York City private schools, and federal changes which are afoot to help school children nationwide who go to both private and public schools, including mandatory reporting and sharing of information of an employee's past.

    Then, this newsletter dives into Hacidic Jews (the ones with those crazy beards). Their culture is so strikingly similar to the JWs, IT WILL GIVE YOU CHILLS to read. Their organization/policies are so ripe for abuse to occur.

    Most disturbing, I found, is an article on circumcision within the Hacidic Jews. Any man can do a circumcision, and the men are sucking the baby's "you know what" to suck up the blood (not very JW like). Babies get herpes from this, and one has died from herpes contracted this way. Real doctors use a suction cup . . .


    Each newsletter is 4 or 5 pages, and you will really enjoy it. For those of you who are new, the 2007, volume 4 has information on a Jehovah's Witness boy who died. May he rest in peace.

  • mP

    The Jews copied the idea of circumcision from the Egyptians. In Egypt prior to Moses and so on, the Pharoahs and some other elites such as high priests were circumsized as some form of special marking. It is obvious the Jews copied this idea when they continued with their diatribes about being gods chosen people. The Pharoah was also a special man selected by God, thus the Jews hoped to copy this concept of specialness and selection. If every man is circumcised then reasoning might dictate that every jew is a priest to god and special. Of course this doesnt change the fact they had protection from God when Babylon, Greece, Egypt or Rome came to conquer but that is another discussion.

    There are many Egyptian ideas in Jewish religion, there are countless books on Amazon that give details of this.

    Amen = is of course nothing more than a chant to the Egyptian God of the Sun. Ancient Egyptian is older than the Exodus story.

    Ten Commandments = Book of the Dead

    Many Pslams are copies of Egyptian poetry and songs - look up Hymn to atum.

    The Bible is obsessed with priests, they even have their own book leviticus which goes into great detail about them and them only. Its not hard to assert that the OT is mostly about Kings and priests with very little about the common man. There are almost no or little common man characters in it, everyone mentioned belongs to either the aristocracy or the religious elite.

  • PaintedToeNail

    Reading the accounts of these childrens' deaths at the hands of various religious groups is an exercise in sheer madness! What a tragedy so many of these kids lives were lost due to the cult entrenched beliefs their parent have. How very sad.

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