Say the Menlo Park real brothers win, what will they do after ?

by mP 10 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Devil_Fish

    The Plantiffs have pondered this question. No answer is forthcoming. It is as if they have gone down the rabbit hole. What they will find at the end they do not know. One option discussed if they were to win a judgement, and retain ownership of the KH would be to sell it and split the $2m amoung the origional 70 or so MP Congregation. From their if the congregant want to donate their $2.8K to the WT, that's on them. If they wanted to pay down a car loan with that money that would be their choice as well. After all it is the MP Cong that bought and paid for the hall, it should be theirs to do with as they please.

    Back from dream land the reality is that the KH is lost to the WT no matter the out come of the court cases. The Plantiffs don't know what they will do. they havn't really wanted to think about it. Win or loose, they think they may have to enter a witness protection program. They also think they may write a book.


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