How do you Spell Disfellowshipped?

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  • RayPublisher

    The reason I ask, is that if you search the WT publications, you will see that it is spelled with only ONE "p" over 600 times, but also spelled with TWO "p"s 600 times.

    Very confusing! So which is it? Any linguistic experts out there that know which it should be?

    DF spelling - 2 ps

    DF spelling - 1p

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


  • palmtree67

    LOL @ Wha

  • Bella15


    F R E E

    U N C O N T R O L L E D

    L I B E R A T E D

    R E L E A S E D

    U N C O N S T R A I N E D

    U N R E S T R I C T E D

    U N R E P R E S S E D

  • Bella15
  • JRK

    Two P's is the correct spelling according to the Oxford dictionary. The writing department got its college education from reading the Awake! magazine, so they have no clue how to spell.

    Just an interesting footnote, my sister is a Gilead graduate, and she still spells the name of her religion as "Jehovah's Wittnesses."


  • JediMaster

    I think both are correct. -pped might be more of a British thing...

  • talesin

    B A N I S H M E N T

  • 00DAD

    It's spelled: M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-V-E C-O-N-T-R-O-L T-A-C-T-I-C

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?


  • processor

    Where's the often praised "worldwide unity"?

  • ScenicViewer

    Where's the often praised "worldwide unity"?

    I guess there is no unity in the Society's Spelling Department.

  • RayPublisher

    You guys are so DANG FUNNY! Thank you for those "alternate" spellings lol.

  • TOTH

    Disfelowshitted is one way I saw in another post. MAde me laugh!

  • Chariklo

    I hadn't been reading the stuff very long before I realised that the WT can't spell. And I hadn't been mixing with certain pioneers very long before I realised that no matter how superior they think themselves to be, they can't spell either.

    They also have no sense of humour and no common sennse, but that's another story.

    As for spelling this objectionable word, RayPublisher, you got it right in the title of the thread. But to add to the many real answers above:

    A N G R I L Y

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
  • RayPublisher

    It was easier when they just referred to it as "excommunicated"!

    Are you DFed?

  • AnneB

    D oomed by self-appointed representatives of the God of love, Jehovah
    I nvalidated by the rules of a man-made organization
    S isters won't talk to you, brothers won't either
    F riends abandon you without hearing both sides of the issue
    E veryone connected with WT acts as though you were dead
    L ove is replaced by disapproval
    L oyalty to WT is put before family or friends
    O pportunity opens to discover a more genuine way of living
    W orthwhile people begin to appear in your life
    S ooner or later you realize there may be more to living than you'd been led to believe
    H ope begins to take root
    I nstead of conditional love you begin to experience the real thing
    P eople who comprehend what you are suffering go out of their way to assist
    P utting the past behind you becomes easier every day
    E nd result is a healthier outlook and a stronger sense of self-identity
    D oubt and fear disappear, replaced by a happier and more peaceful lifestyle. You made it!

  • ziddina

    Anne - that's GREAT!!

  • diamondiiz

    There was a new light from Jehovah regarding the spelling and that's why you have one "p" in older publications and two "pp" in the newer publications.

    WTS publications never have any spelling mistakes and are one of the most trustworthy magazines out there - so I heard.

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