(attn the Governing Body) Extract from Surviving The End Days: All You Need To Know

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    lady justice


    babylon the great revealed

    Revelation 17:18

    And this woman you saw in your vision (the woman upon whose forehead is written this mystery: “Babylon the Great, Mother of All Prostitutes and Obscenities in the World.”) represents the great city that rules over the kings of the world.

    What might be the least profound reading of the Book of Revelation deduces through a simplistic process of elimination that the sacrilegious woman known to Christians the world over as Babylon the Great can only be a world empire of false religion as the only two other kinds of world empire this interpretation considers – a commercial one and a political one – can be ruled out through even a casual reading of the Book of Revelation itself.

    While it is certainly true that such an interpretation is very much a giant leap taken albeit unwittingly toward comprehending what this great city actually is, those who are taught to perceive Babylon the Great in this way are obliged to look no further for this great city’s underlying disposition, and as such their understanding of what is a very fundamental spiritual matter develops no further, if indeed it ever develops at all.

    Surprisingly, the curious thing about Babylon the Great is this: everyone the world over knows exactly what this great city is even if they themselves think they do not, for so sly is Babylon the Great that she hides in plain sight of the entire world knowing very few of its inhabitants – those who toil for her included - can see this great city for what it actually is: the god of this world’s global system of counterfeit justice.

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