Special Assembly Day of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • iamwhoiam

    Program 2011 - 2012

    Theme: 'Let God's Will Take Place' - Matt. 6:10

    Morning Session

    9:40 Music

    9:50 Song No. 6 and Prayer

    10:00 "He That Does the Will of God Remains Forever"

    10:15 "Go On Perceiving What the Will of Jehovah Is"

    10:30 God's "Will Is That All Sorts of Men Should Be Saved"

    10:55 Song No. 120 and Announcements

    11:05 "Live...No More for the Desires of Men, but for God's Will"

    11:35 Dedication and Baptism

    12:05 Song No. 58

    Afternoon Session

    1:20 Music

    1:30 Song No. 112

    1:35 Experiences

    1:45 Summary of The Watchtower

    2:15 Do the Will of God Whole-Souled

    2:30 They 'Let the Will of God Take Place'

    2:45 Song No. 42 and Announcements

    2:55 Encourage One Another, "for This is the Will of God"

    3:55 Song No. 19 and Prayer

    I just got back from the Assembly today. Bethel Speaker came in to give the first talk of the morning and the last talk in the afternoon.

    The main point the bethel speaker told us to keep in mind: "Man was created with free will as long as we choose to serve Jehovah."

    My take: I just spent $50 worth of gas to go to an assembly to hear a contradictory statement. Assholes!!

  • out4good3

    My wife is going to this next weekend. I'll be sitting in the house chillin.

  • snare&racket

    Why did you go? In two days you could have read a book on either string theory, or astro physics, or ancient Egypt or the autobiography of an inspiring human being. You could have learnt a significant amount to begin talking in a foreign language, you could have taught yourself the basic chords on a guitar and a song too. You could have painted a picture, written a book of poems... You could have donated some bone marrow and saved a child's life, or gone to your local volunteer charity and helped feed the homeless or encourage people that are on this planet all alone and homeless.

    Not your bag? ...You could have put your feet up and watched stargate series 1 to 7 and loved every Ra tickling minute...

    Why did you go?

  • jam

    Here lately I have been thinking about attened an

    Assembly, after 25yrs. Why you may ask, I enjoyed

    my last visit at Disney land, all make believe. And then

    again it may be the same as A soap opera. You can

    miss A year of episodes and pick up where you left off.

    The same old BS. I just talk myself out of attending.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    oh my I couldn't even imagine sitting through an entire assembly now. I could barely do so when I was in

  • jam

    The best sleep, at the assemblies. I would tell my

    Ex- punch me if I start snoring. Man I slept good.

  • 3rdgen

    Why do so many come come from assemblys and say, "that was the best assembly EVER!"??????? That is basically the same program I've heard all my life.

  • clearpoison

    Well that's because they already forgot the previous one.


  • smiddy

    God`s"will that all sorts of men should be saved" ? Oh yeah ? what about apostates


  • Bubblegum Apotheosis
    Bubblegum Apotheosis

    How many times did the subject of "Jesus Christ Our Lord and Saviour" get mentioned? The words "pioneer, field service, greater works" were mentioned how many times? Jehovah was so proud of his Son, he grants him a new name above all the other angelic creation, yet the W.T.S. mentions "field service, preaching" while avoiding the wonderful and blessed name of Jesus Christ. My premise is the Special Day Outline, where is Jesus Christ name mentioned?

    Will we get new information on the "Generation" at the Special Day?

  • smiddy

    "Man was created with free will as long as we choose to serve jehovah" no wonder they are against higher education !!


  • harekrishna

    Another boring "special ass-embly day". I remember those at the Woodland Hills, Calif. back in the 80's. A wasted Saturday talking about the usual end-of-the-world tripe.

  • Azazel

    I firmly believe that anywhere in WTS publications or talks as per the above program. Substitute God with WTS or GB and thats what its all really about. Doing the will of men.

    Man has dominated Man to his injury! so what has changed ? not much.


  • Zordino

    In order to be able to tolerate it (I go to be able to spend time with wife and kids) my routine is this: We get there, after about 20 mins I Leave and go with a buddy of mine for breakfast, coffee, some chit chat. Get there just before the morning boresession is over. Go to Lunch with the fam. socialize a bit, sit down for another 20min at the start of the afternoon boresessions, go outside, walk around a bit, get in my car and go for a coffee, try to waste as much time as possible, and then get back about 30 min before the whole borefest is over.. then we make plans to go to dinner with some family and close friends... and thats it. It really goes by pretty quick.

  • dozy

    The Special Day truly is a waste of time. 2 x 2 hour sessions of which an hour is taken up with the baptism talk & Watchtower study. Seems really pointless , especially if you had to travel miles to get there & maybe even had to stay overnight.

  • TimothyT

    Do you know... the stupid thing is I bet that they wouldnt cover what the will of God actually is! All they would do is say that the preaching work is God's will (true, but only a small part of it). All the other stuff mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 5:12-22, 1 Timothy 2:2-4, and 1 Peter 2:13-17 about being peaceable, kind, good towards others, happy, prayerful, thankful, thoughtfull, subjective, honourable, fearful of God, and showing love will as per usual be swept under the rug!

    What nonsense. In fact I bet if i went, i would take so many notes, then id go home, research them and then use them as a basis to find out what the will of God ACTUALLY is! Hmmm!

    Timmy x

  • WTWizard

    So then, washtowel, what is the will of God? Does he want me to pack up and move to Nigeria, waste my whole life rounding up Nigerians (doing whatever it takes, no matter how dangerous, gross, or illegal it may be, to recruit them)? Only to watch them revert back to their original religion 20 years after I am gone, or seeing Agenda 21+ destroying all religion. What a bloody waste.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    Glad I missed it

  • Londo111

    SAD...very SAD.

  • snare&racket

    The circuit yawn !

    Assemblies dont even have any spirit anymore, they are flatter than a concorde tyre. I ended up dreading the monotony. Once I reached the maturity and realisation that there was nothing new or nothing I didnt know or nothing ever announced to relieve the burden of being a JW.... I just hated them.

    If only once there had actually been an enjoyable assembly, the content I mean, then they would have potential value. But...It was always the friends, the company, the nights out and the comradrie that made these events. Nothing heavenly about our goings on at all !

    Go to a sports event :D You get all the same feelings without as much of the 'yawn' it will also cost you considerably less but stay in your memory longer. Plus you wont have to look at your shoes in shame as an american voice booms the ridiculous pronunciation of "Gee HOE varr!" as a keen pioneer walks around in cut up curtains thinking he is some bible charachter you have never ever heard of... "Beshizzama'el of Judea, the man who refused to wait for god patience in providing him witha third wife and wrongfully went to the pagan cananites cos they would do oral..."

    Snare x

    P.s. Californication by the Chilli Peppers....... will always remind me of the district assembly, a shame, but nice memories all the same (we got in trouble for being up late- i kid you not.)

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