Inherited a 130 year old violin

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  • barry

    I inherited a 130 year old violin from my mum that was owned by my great grandfather. I am learning to play it with some success as my teacher says I could pass preliminary and first grade now. I have only 10 lessons under my belt so far but it is getting hard now. Its just a lot of practice and vibrato is hard to do with older fingers not filling to be flexible.

    I just tried today to get back in here with my old ppassword which I thought wasn't working. I tried it in upper case and got back in after a few years. So lookout Im back. Barry

  • JRK

    Welcome back barry!

    Hey, just have fun with the violin! I played in school, and just got a six string electric violin to mess around with a few years ago. Music is fun, don't sweat that you have a perfect vibrato.


  • Quandry

    Sounds great! I used to play when I was in school....many years ago. I thought when I retire I might try it again. Check out Sarah Chang on youtube. I don't have any idea to make a link here.

    Practice makes perfect!

  • Diest

    This reminds me of all the stuff I said I would learn in the new system...Good for you for doing something you wanted to do in this life.

  • hamsterbait

    Do you know the name of the maker?

    I know somebody got an old violin that had belonged to her Grandfather. It looked pretty crap, so she took it to be done up by a violinmaker so she could sell it.

    he got it out of the case, and his hands began to shake. it was a 16th century italian worth over $200 000.

    Stuff the lessons and retire in style if you can, Isay.


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